Trump order strips workplace protections from civil servants

This is a good start.  I would like to see Pres. Trump add this to really limit the DEEP STATE power over who gets in office.

Change who can contribute to or lobby for any political office or issue.  I have ranted about this for a couple decades.

Make it LAW that the ONLY person who can contribute ANY funds to  or LOBBY  any political office/campaign must be able to LEGALLY CAST A VOTE for said person running or for any issue.  This would eliminate ALL out side funding.  Only those who can LEGALLY vote for a person or issue should be able to LOBBY or contribute funds.  Also eliminate all PAC funding as PAC’s cannot vote.  This would also put a stop to the SOROS buying of all those prosecuting attorneys he has been buying up.  And since political parties can’t cast a vote they would no longer control who can or can’t get their endorsement and $$$$$.  No more *bundling* either.

This plan would bring back the control to THE PEOPLE and it would also greatly reduce the amount of money needed to run for a political office.

Plain and simple –  if you can’t cast a LEGAL vote for a candidate or issue then you can’t buy that position or issue.

I sent a note to The White House on this.   I hope that the message will get thru to Pres. Trump.

Jackie Juntti


Trump order strips workplace protections from civil servants


A new executive order from President Trump makes it easier to hire and fire civil servants that work on policy, stripping some protections from career employees before a potential change in administration.

Federal employee unions are billing the order as the biggest change to federal workforce protections in a century, converting many federal workers to “at will” employment.

It also makes it easier to hire new employees outside of the competitive process — something critics say could be used to hire policy employees without appropriate experience.

The order specifically targets policy-related career positions, a move critics say will enable the administration to fire employees that may question their policies.

“By targeting federal workers whose jobs involve government policies, the real-world implications of this order will be disastrous for public health, the environment, the defense of our nation, and virtually every facet of our lives,” Everett Kelley, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the largest federal employee union, said in a release.

“Through this order, President Trump has declared war on the professional civil service by giving himself the authority to fill the government with his political cronies who will pledge their unwavering loyalty to him – not to America,” Kelley added.

Trump’s order creates a new category of federal employment, Schedule F, and gives agencies 90 days to determine which policy-related positions should attain the new status. Those employees could then be removed for performance reasons without the opportunity to contest the decision or rely on union representation.

“Agencies need the flexibility to expeditiously remove poorly performing employees from these positions without facing extensive delays or litigation,” the order states.

The National Treasury Employees Union, another major federal workforce representative, called it “yet another in a long line of attacks on the civil service and circumvention of the laws passed by Congress to protect certain career federal employees from partisan, political interference.”

Though civil service protections are often compared to tenure for p… (Read more)

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