Biden Corruption: The Avalanche Continues

By Francis Menton

As we get closer to the election, it’s beginning to appear that the corruption of Joe Biden via his son Hunter knows no bounds. You may have thought that my post just two days ago contained enough to sink any possible presidential candidacy; but there is plenty of new information in just the two days since. Most of the new information concerns efforts of the Chinese government and CCP to compromise the Bidens through influence investments.

Meanwhile, the media continue to make laughingstocks of themselves with their futile efforts at suppression of the story.

Here are a few examples of newly revealed instances of Biden corruption:

  • Peter Schweizer has been at the forefront of many of the revelations. In a piece at Breitbart on October 23, he has come up with yet another non-anonymous source, a former Hunter Biden business partner named Bevan Cooney, now serving time in prison for a separate scam. Cooney has turned over to Schweizer a trove of some thousands of emails and texts. Among the transactions brought to light by the new emails is a September 2015 acquisition of a strategically-sensitive Michigan manufacturer by Hunter Biden’s private equity fund, with the investment money coming from Chinese government/CCP entities. The transaction required U.S. government approval. Yes, Joe Biden was Vice President at the time. Schweizer:

    In September 2015, the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of a strategically sensitive Michigan manufacturer, Henniges Automotive, to a firm connected to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a Chinese military contractor that was on an American watch list because of its close ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Hunter Biden’s equity fund, backed by the Communist Chinese government, and the Chinese contractor, Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), needed special approval for the deal from the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) because Henniges produced technology with potential military use.

Go to the link to see emails of Hunter’s colleagues congratulating each other on getting the deal through.

  • Jennifer Van Laar at RedState has a series of follow-up posts based on the October 2 Typhoon Investigations report discussed in my last post. This Van Laar post from October 23 expands on information about ownership of Hunter Biden’s China-based investment firm Bohai Harvest Rosemont (BHR). It turns out that BHR was in turn mostly owned by a Chinese entity called Bohai Industrial Investments (BII), which in turn is entirely owned by Chinese state-owned entities (SOEs). Van Laar:

    The report states that BII is majority-owned by the Bank of China, both through the BOC International Holdings and the BOC Group Investment Co. Their total comes to 53% ownership and, as a result, BHR is controlled by the Chinese Government. Also included in the list of owners of BII is The National Council of Social Security Funds and China’s Public Retirement Fund. In fact, every single other company listed as an owner in BII is a SOE. In other words, China controls BII, lock, stock, and barrel and by extension, Robert Hunter Biden.

  • In today’s New York Post, Schweizer sums up the evidence thus far revealed by Tony Bobulinski, Bevan Cooney and John Paul Mac Isaac, three real live non-anonymous sources.

    At considerable personal risk, former Biden family business partners Tony Bobulinski and Bevan Cooney, and computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, have come forward with tens of thousands of primary-source documents — internal corporate records, emails, and text messages — detailing years of business dealings that centered on trading on the Biden name. This material suggests that, despite Joe Biden’s insistence that he knew nothing about his family’s business deals, he was well aware of his son Hunter Biden’s business ventures in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere. These new troves constitute hard evidence of Biden family corruption, and confirm our reporting dating back to our 2018 book “Secret Empires.”

So I thought I would take a few moments to page through Saturday’s (October 24) New York Times to see what if any coverage I might find of this story. Needless to say, there is no piece addressed to the Biden corruption story per se. However, there is a piece on page A14 that gives a summary of the Thursday debate, with the headline “4 Key Biden Moments at the Final Debate.” One of the “key moments” was Biden’s response to Trump’s attacks on the issue of corruption. Get this:

Throughout the week, Mr. Trump’s allies had made clear he intended to attack Mr. Biden over his son’s business dealings, including those in China. . . . Mr. Biden was ready for the attacks with a two-pronged offensive strategy. . . . Mr. Biden . . . had a line that seemed to come from debate preparation: “It’s not about his family and my family, it’s about your family. And your family’s hurting badly. If you’re a middle-class family, you’re getting hurt badly right now.”

In short, they congratulate Biden on complete evasion in the face of definitive allegations of corruption. I would call it embarrassing.

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