Did Joe Biden Use THE HAMMER to Steal the Election?

There are three posts in this one – all connected to each other. –  Jackie Juntti

I had two e-mails in my Inbox this morning, talking about what is in the red, below and it is something called The Hammer, that is very likely being used to steal the election from President Trump. I’m sending more on this topic, and if this is true, we need to get the world out!  In liberty,


The Big Steal Is Underway but Trump Won’t Surrender

By Cliff Kincaid|November 6th, 2020

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By Cliff Kincaid

Fox News and other media keep showing the “popular vote” for president. Twitter should put a warning flag on that but won’t. Our system doesn’t recognize the “popular vote” winner as the winner of the presidential election. Ask Hillary. But so-called “popular votes” are indeed relevant in terms of votes that are being manufactured in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania to “give” Joe Biden the illusion of victory.

It’s sad that Tucker Carlson, whose program was so good prior to the election, had to rely on people like Bill Hemmer after the “results” started coming in. On election night, Carlson was sandwiched in between Chris Wallace and others to comment on how the polls were wrong. But the much more serious malfeasance is the reported theft of elections in such states as Wisconsin and Michigan, where ballots were suddenly discovered and entered into the election systems of those states.

Hemmer and most of the rest of the Fox News crew are wedded to the liberal media narrative that is designed to guarantee a Joe Biden “victory” through phony projections and vote counts. But President Trump has already declared victory based on the reality of what he knows to be happening.

Trump also has a good memory, backed up by actual facts, of how Democrats were stealing presidential elections as far back as 1960, when Democratic Party machines “found” votes for JFK. “You gotta swallow this one,” somebody said to JFK’s opponent, Richard Nixon, to get him to surrender to the fraud.

Trump won’t surrender.

Should we be surprised that the Deep State is working with the Democratic Party to steal the election from President Trump? My home page at America’s Survival, Inc. had run a column by JB Williams back in August predicting the election chaos and election theft. He wrote, “This is about a first time ever universal mail-in election, where millions of votes will pour in through the U.S. mail with no tracking, no way to verify the voter’s eligibility, no way to know who voted, who they voted for or if every legitimate vote was cast and counted properly. In other words, no way to challenge the outcome of this election.”

In fact, however, President Trump is challenging the projected “outcome.”One of his recent Tweets declares, “All of the recent Biden claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof – just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!” Twitter, of course, tried to censor the Tweet.

New GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting for Trump. So is Arizona Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally, who points out that the media “got nearly EVERY state wrong.” She adds, “They predicted a blowout, and Republicans showed up in greater numbers than in 2016.” Yet, mysteriously, Trump is on course to lose the presidency? It’s because so-called “popular votes” are being manufactured or discovered to turn states that Trump won against the president.

Regarding her home state, which shows her “losing,” she notes, “Arizona has major implications for the White House and Senate, and this fight is more contentious than ever. Talking heads on TV are counting us out BEFORE votes are counted. Are you serious?”

The only reason the media are projecting her “defeat” is their own skewed “analysis” of the results, including votes not even counted!

And you thought the Biden campaign wanted to count every vote? Don’t believe it. They don’t want to take into account the legitimate and legal votes, only the fake ones that will turn states won by Trump in Biden’s favor.

Major censorship, in addition to vote stealing, is underway, in order to prevent the American people from understanding what is really going on behind the scenes.

One way or another, the results will be disputed, meaning that President Trump has to remain in office, citing the same forces in the coup against him as being behind election theft. Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse has posted extraordinary interviews with various national security experts on how the intelligence agencies can manipulate elections.

Major investigations by the Attorney General should already be underway. But William Barr is a former CIA analyst and his loyalties may lie elsewhere. At the very least, Barr could announce a Special Counsel investigation of the Biden family corruption charges.

President Trump has a team of lawyers challenging the vote theft operations but he could also announce a special group of election experts to conduct a forensic examination of how the votes have been counted and changed. On this basis, so-called “votes” that came out of nowhere have to be rejected.

Veteran investigative reporter John Solomon of Just the News has announced a similar effort.

The same kind of process is used to determine whether a particular document is legitimate. If you have seen episodes of the TV show “Pawn Stars,” where people get money in exchange for rare books or documents or other items, the owners of the shop always insist on evidence of legitimacy. That is called “provenance.”  It means you have to determine who has custody of the documents so that fraud is ruled out.

In the case of many mail-in ballots, which have mysteriously appeared overnight, there is no way they can be verified as legitimate. Hence, they must be rejected.

I came to understand the mechanism of vote fraud years ago by looking at cases of people who “voted” but were registered to vote in abandoned houses and vacant lots. What’s happening now is much worse and on a much larger scale.

After the media and other “official sources” declare Biden the winner, the role of Fox stalwarts such as Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson to keep telling the truth will be more important than ever before. You know that President Trump has no intention to concede to the powerful forces of darkness trying yet again to subvert his presidency.

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Info on The Hammer. I had two e-mails in my Inbox today, both talking about this.  Very serious, if this is true and is being used to steal the election from President Trump! Blessings, (^: Carol

Did Joe Biden Use THE HAMMER to Steal the Election?

By Greg Holt|November 6th, 2020

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By Greg Holt

The vote tally was moving in Trump’s favor – suddenly overnight Biden is winning, how?

Having personally monitored the election, I noted of course how well Trump was doing – despite the fact that Biden had more electoral votes.  In fact, Donald Trump was on track, strongly I might add to win the election.  Overnight, poof – just like that Biden is winning.  How did this happen?

On election night at 9:23pm I predicted Trump would win, here is why:

“Two states marked as a win for Biden are now being led by Trump, Virginia and Rhode Island.

If Trump wins all states he is leading in and already projected to win, he has 265 electoral votes out of the needed 270 to win. Then there are still 94 electoral votes up for grabs. Biden is likely to win California (55 votes), but Trump only needs 5 in this scenario.

As of 9:23 PM CST – TCP News is predicting Donald J. Trump as the winner.”

Trump was at that point already winning the central U.S.  He was ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and was gaining in Texas.  A chunk of the western U.S. was still up for grabs.  As noted above, if Trump won the states he was leading, and one more, like Nevada, he would win the election.

Then overnight, suddenly Biden is winning in Michigan, by over a 100,000 votes, and Biden is also winning Wisconsin.  How did this happen?

“Trump had a sizable lead in Michigan last night, I saw this myself.  Then out of nowhere, Biden surges ahead with 100,000’s of votes with none for Trump?  This smells of voter fraud.  Trump should have and still should win Michigan.”

Supposedly the sudden influx of votes in Michigan was a typo.  Except that I noted Biden was still ahead with a comfortable lead even after the “typo” was fixed.  Then there is the lead Trump had in Virginia and Rhode Island as stated above, except that these states were called for Biden.  Another “TYPO”?

What if there was a supercomputer, and what if this supercomputer had a computer software program that was capable of election tampering at the state level?

What if I told you there actually IS such a computer, and there IS such a program?

Judge for yourself:


Obama and Biden allegedly utilized this system to win the 2012 election; this system was also allegedly used for spying on other important figures.

According to This West is Our West:

“Montgomery claims that Brennan and Clapper used the super-surveillance system Montgomery designed to spy on Article III federal judges, including the onetime head of the FISA court Judge Reggie Walton, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts.

Montgomery’s revelations about his super-surveillance system THE HAMMER call into question Chief Justice Robert’s strange and inexplicable 2012 decision that stood in direct opposition to his own stated legal argument. At the eleventh hour, Roberts flipped and supported the individual mandate for President Obama’s highly unpopular Affordable Care Act.

Montgomery, who is constrained by non-disclosure agreements, has spoken about the system but has not publicly identified the system by name. The secretly-recorded “Whistleblower Tapes” identify the name of the system as “THE HAMMER,” as we first reported in our March 17, 2017 exclusive exposé. The March 2017 WikiLeaks CIA Vault 7 document dump confirms the name of the system as THE HAMMER (HAMR).”

Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery had 47 hard drives of evidence that prove THE HAMMER exists.  He gave those hard drives to the FBI.  Any guesses as to who it was that ran the FBI at this point?

James Comey’s FBI effectively buried this information.  Montgomery was himself for all intents and purposes muzzled.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?  How about how the fact that the FBI had an inside witness to the Uranium One deal with Russia that Hillary Clinton helped push through and that effectively screwed the U.S.?  This witness was also muzzled.

How about a little more recent news – the effective silencing of, and the successful attempt to remove General Michael Flynn from the White House as one of Trump’s key advisors?  Flynn remember knows his way around the intelligence community and knew things.

How about the spying campaign on Trump?  It sounds like the spying was going on longer than previously thought according to This West is Our West:

“Montgomery’s identification, by name, of one particular U.S. citizen that Montgomery insists was under constant surveillance “for years” by Obama, Brennan, and Clapper via THE HAMMER has led Obama’s inner circle to take desperate measures.

The name of that U.S. citizen targeted by THE HAMMER is Donald J. Trump.”

Would it further surprise anyone that John Brennan (Obama’s CIA master) and James Clapper (Obama’s National Intelligence Czar) were allegedly involved in this entire affair?

Here is another bombshell for you:

“According to Montgomery, the FBI, under Director Robert Mueller’s leadership, provided the computers for THE HAMMER super-surveillance system.”  (Source)

And now comes the revelation that this supercomputer (using the SCORECARD program) – capable of directly interfering in the election process via state computer systems data transfer points, is being used against Donald Trump to hand the election to Joe Biden.

This would explain then how Trump could be winning, and boom – Biden is suddenly winning.  Along with the other Democrat winning ways of course.

There needs to be a very intensive and thorough investigation into all of this.

I encourage you to take the time to read the two articles that I used as the sources for this article.

The America Report – The Hammer

This West is Our West – Montgomery, ‘the Hammer’ Surveillance System Whistleblower, Became the Deep State’s Enemy Number One After Exposing the Truth

These are both good articles, the second article is long and very extensive.  There is a lot of evidence and detailed research in this one along with a comprehensive timeline of events concerning the HAMMER, Strzok and Page, Brennan and Clapper, FISA abuse, origin of the Russia collusion investigation etc.  Well worth the time to read it.

I am grateful and wish to thank Lyle Rapacki for bringing this information to my attention.

Lyle Rapacki – Director Governmental and Political Affairs

Author – TCP News

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More info on The Hammer. I met Brannon Howse, when our education research group from the late 80s-early 90s had him come and speak at one of our meetings. His programs are always very good. (^: It is called World View Weekend.

The second link below is for an audio file, if you would prefer to listen instead of read. (^:  This is serious, if true.  Much prayer needed! Blessings, (^: Carol

By Brannon Howse, 04 November, 2020

Audio File here:  https://fastly.cloudinary.com/wvw/video/upload/v1591934042/kgtefrv3nicl6i0hxbgu.mp3

Please help us get this information to the American people. Guests: Lt. General Thomas McInerney, (3-Stars) U.S. Air Force (Retired), Author and Researcher Mary Fanning. Former National Security Council Staffer for President Donald Trump Rich Higgins join us to give us his thoughts on what it would mean for America if Joe Biden becomes President due to his a national security threat due to being compromised by the Communist Chinese and government of Russia. You will hear General McInerney tell our audience that Brannon is revealing facts that no other national talk show host on terrestrial radio is covering because they likely are not aware of this breaking news.

Topics Covered in today’s broadcast as written by guest and research Mary Fanning and confirmed on air by retired, 3-Star General Thomas McInerney. 

In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. DIstrict Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020.

This time, SCORECARD is stealing votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.

SCORECARD steals elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points of state election computer systems and outside third party election data vaults as votes are being transferred. The Obama White House had an encrypted VPN in order to access THE HAMMER at will.

In August 2015, CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery provided the FBI and the DOJ with evidence stored on 47 hard drives that implicates Robert Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, in illegal activities, Montgomery states.

Among the 600 million pages of documents stored on those 47 hard drives of electronic data that Montgomery turned over to the FBI were 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, according to Montgomery. The 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden and Joe Biden included videos and images.

Going all the way back to 2003, Montgomery maintains, the U.S. government continuously targeted Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with electronic surveillance via THE HAMMER.

On February 3, 2009, Brennan and Clapper moved THE HAMMER to Fort Washington, Maryland and began using the foreign surveillance system for domestic surveillance, targeting President Obama’s political enemies for “blackmail and leverage.” Montgomery, as a CIA contractor, worked for John Brennan and James Clapper.

Montgomery became a whistleblower upon seeing first hand how the Obama administration had turned THE HAMMER against America. Montgomery received two limited immunity agreements from the DOJ and the FBI in exchange for evidence production and testimony.

Montgomery originally designed and built THE HAMMER in 2003 as a foreign surveillance system to protect America after 9/11.

“THE HAMMER IS THE KEY TO THE COUP” — Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, On His Death Bed, Speaking To His Longtime Friend, Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

They stole a super-surveillance government tool for foreign surveillance and they turned it against America and are using it to steal the Presidential election of 2020.

* CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery built THE HAMMER in 2003 as a foreign surveillance tool to keep America safe from terrorists after 9/11 and to protect U.S. troops on the battlefield.

* Robert Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for THE HAMMER.

* THE HAMMER foreign surveillance system featured multiple echelons of safeguards and sign-offs to prevent U.S. personnel, up to and including the President of the United States, from using the system for unlawful domestic surveillance.

* On February 3, 2009, two weeks after President Obama’s inauguration, Brennan and Clapper moved THE HAMMER to a secret CIA facility in Fort Washington, Maryland.

*After Dennis Montgomery saw Brennan and Clapper commandeer THE HAMMER foreign surveillance tool and transform it into a domestic surveillance system for blackmail and leverage, Montgomery became a whistleblower.

* In 2013, Dennis Montgomery alerted multiple officials in Washington D.C. that THE HAMMER was being used to conduct illegal domestic surveillance. Montgomery even sent faxes to President Obama and Vice President Biden to alert them about the ongoing illegal domestic surveillance.

* Brennan and Clapper used THE HAMMER to spy on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 156 Article III judges, FISA Court Presiding Judge Reggie Walton, Members of Congress, Wall Street executives, Rudy Giuliani, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump, Trump Tower, multiple Trump businesses, and members of the Trump family. Brennan and Clapper spied on Donald Trump because the CIA feared Trump. Brennan and Clapper wiretapped Donald Trump “a zillion times.”

* The Obama Whitehouse could access THE HAMMER at will through an encrypted VPN.

* In August 2015, Dennis Montgomery, under a limited immunity agreement, provided FBI General Counsel James Baker and FBI Director James Comey with 47 computer hard drives of evidence proving that Brennan and Clapper had used THE HAMMER to conduct illegal domestic surveillance. Included on the 47 hard drives was 10,000 pages of documents regarding Hunter Biden.

* In December 2015, Dennis Montgomery, under a second limited immunity agreement, provided the FBI and the DOJ with sworn testimony about THE HAMMER and the contents of the 47 hard drives.

* THE HAMMER framework could throw multiple exploit applications. The Obama team used a HAMMER application called SCORECARD to steal the 2012 presidential election in Florida.

* The Biden campaign is using SCORECARD to steal the 2020 presidential election (they have NOT turned off THE HAMMER).

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