Covid Army


By Ron Paul 

That didn’t take long.

Despite the fact that not one state has certified their election results, Joe Biden has already announced plans to send a “culturally competent” army of 100,000 COVID contact tracers and spies into your community and neighborhood.

What are these people going to be doing?

It was a vague statement but sounds like a very big plan in the works.

The left has a pattern of calling for these types of citizen armies to take to the streets before they take office.

You might remember when Barack Obama said in 2008, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

It appears Joe Biden might be taking Obama’s plan and reworking it for his unconstitutional coronavirus clamp down.

…. There are many politicians from both parties clamoring to dismantle your remaining liberties using the coronavirus chaos as an excuse.

That means regardless of who ultimately wins the presidency, the tyranny will continue.

They are trying to destroy health freedom to enrich themselves!

I’m sure you realize a “COVID Army” could be responsible for bullying people (even children) into taking the rushed vaccine that we keep hearing will be out any day now.

I sure wouldn’t put it past them. . .

Not when you consider Washington, D.C. just passed an ordinance permitting children in the district to be vaccinated WITHOUT their parents’ consent.

Our state leaders have seen similar efforts in their state capitals in recent history.

Vaccines have great value for some people, but they should never be mandatory and should certainly not be done without parental consent.

Nor should they EVER be mandated as a condition to access basic services and to travel.

The COVID Army may have its mission already mapped out if you look at what’s being done in California.

The University of California at San Francisco announced at the end of September what that state’s contact tracers would be trained to do:

Contact tracers ask questions related to topics that can be sensitive, including health, work, living arrangements and food resources. Public health communications require a balance between providing clear instruction, asking productive questions and listening empathetically. If those exposed to the coronavirus are to quarantine successfully, contact tracers must successfully strike this balance. The balance is made even more important, and even more challenging to find, when racial, ethnic and economic diversity are at play.

It’s clear they want to dig in to nearly every aspect of your personal life and may even ask you to separate yourself from your family.

This is really creepy!

How can any of this behavior be justified?

Part of the problem is the media and politicians are still busy creating hysteria 8 months after the first emergency declarations started.

They now call any type of a positive test — even the discovery of an antibody — a “case” and then continuously say cases are “spiking.”

The definition of a “case” has been irresponsibly stretched to include just about any trace of a coronavirus being detected in a test.

It has nothing to do with hospitalizations, which are a different statistic and are a much better measure of how serious of a problem there may be.

Yet every single day across the country, the corporate media splashes the scary looking case count all over headlines and tickers.

This practice is disgraceful.

They think they’ve been successful enough in scaring you that you’ll accept a COVID Army to march down your street, come into your home, and pry into your personal matters.

They may even try to quarantine you, based on electronic data your phone has shared through the new contact tracing apps and snooping systems being installed, sometimes without your knowledge.

There is strength in numbers, and if liberty is going to prevail, it’s critical you and I bring more like-minded patriots into the fold. Your generous donation will help us do just that.

Your personal and medical freedom is not negotiable. Please help me send that message loud and clear.

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul, M.D.

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