Is it HEALTH or is it HELLTH?

Is it HEALTH or is it HELLTH?

I am sitting here this morning waiting for my primary care office to call me to set up an appt to have the stress test the ER doctor ordered
to be done.

So, while waiting I have been checking my news trap line and listening to NewsMAX.  They have several items related to Covid and the *vaccines*.

A few friends have emailed me about the danger of going into the ER’s with all the Covid bugs.  I don’t worry about those things as I have
written much on how I do not get *sick* (Virus or bacteria related illnesses).  I maintain (via diet) an alkaline pH balance so those viruses and bacteria cannot survive if they happen to enter my body.

Bacteria and viruses need an acid system to thrive/survive in.  I don’t have to take and anti-biotics to deal with them.  In fact I refuse all
Big PHARMA anti-biotics – I use Colloidal silver as it is a natural anti-biotic and has no side effects like the Big PHARMA stuff has.

I realize that most folks will ignore any NATURAL way to maintain good health – preferring to indulge in all the junk food and drink which
ensures an acidic pH balance and an unhealthy body.  Most find it easier to maintain an acidic pH and then go to a doctor who prescribes those Big PHARMA meds with all their side effects. So many think that is the way to live – WRONG!!!!  I know because in my early years I was one of those people.  It took a lot of health problems and few good friends who educated me on how to not get sick.  In the plus 12 years since I began my Alkaline pH health plan I haven’t had so much as s sniffle – no colds, no pneumonia – and in spite of begin around others who are sick – I haven’t caught anything.  I credit my pH balance for that fact.

Pick up a pH test strip kit and then use it to see what your pH is and then after it gets to the Alkaline side – check it at least once a week
to be sure you aren’t slipping up on what you are putting in your mouth.

If you are concerned about this Covid pandemic then I encourage you to make the easy change via diet to arm your body against such things.  Do an online search for Alkaline Foods – and for Acidic foods. Then eliminate as many Acidic foods and drinks (soda pop) and replace them with Alkaline foods and drinks.

Most know of my solid opposition against vaccines and WHY  I oppose them.  The poisons in those injections are not *preventions* – they are fluids filled with who knows what that will carry other greater problems into your body.  I am sure many of you have read of the ingredients in the Bill Gates vaccines – tracking devices.  Much like the trackers in cell phones so those in power can keep track of where you are and who you are with.

Each of us has the option to CHOOSE between sick and well.  It all depends on how much you want to keep putting poisons and garbage into our bodies.  Keep putting the junk – processed food and drink into our mouths and swallowing it or make the decision to refuse the consequences of such .

We have a lot to deal with in life today – not only the political garbage but the health issues that Big PHARMA and the Corporate world
promote to put more money in their pockets.  Finding food that hasn’t been sprayed with the many corporate weed killers and false fertilizers is getting harder and harder to do.  The GMO seeds are another obstacle.  And lets not forget the amount of SUGAR in just about

This Covid issue is a planned situation. IMHO –  much like planting poisons in the food supply –  all intended to destroy certain populations on this earth.

The lie that the MASKS will prevent those droplets from entering your mouth is to give FALSE HOPE.  The masks are no different than using
Cyclone fencing to keep bullets from hitting your body. Social distancing is to keep people from any support from others they love and
are for.

If the social distancing and masks really worked – then why are those BLM and Antifa mobsters not getting sick ?  There is no real connection
but the media ignores those facts because the media is part of the BIG FRAUD.  Also the forehead and hand temperature checking….. (the mark of the Beast)

I see it all as the pre-trib training for folks to be ready to OBEY the Anti-Christ.

Jackie Juntti


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