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Dr Fauci says that it’s time for Americans to “Do what they’re told,” when it comes to social distancing and mask wearing. He advises against Thanksgiving gatherings but if you do get together, everyone should wear masks. For the record, over 10 million Americans have recovered after contracting the coronavirus while over 242,000 Americans have died from it. Here is the time lapse video of how I drew this cartoon.


Jesus said many times, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15; Mark 4:9, 23)

She sounded perturbed. The voice mail message from a woman in Salt Lake City, said, “I’m just curious if you really believe that dead people were allowed to vote.”

She was referring to my cartoon of gravestones with “I Voted” stickers on them.

“My republican father sent me this to me, his republican daughter…I’m just curious if that is a recent cartoon or one from years ago? Let me know.”

I drew the cartoon last week so I texted her the link to the story that inspired my cartoon. She immediately responded, “That is so not true.” Minutes later she texted, “Don’t you know Tucker Carlson is mental?

Really? Do you think she did research in mere moments and proved that the New York Post story was false? And how did she determine Tucker’s mental state? I’m guessing that she has some presuppositions. Face it, we all do.

In the introduction of my book, Drawing The Right Way, which should be on your Christmas list this year, I wrote, “I have right-wing, conservative, presuppositions. Presuppositions are beliefs or convictions of what is true about the world around us. Everyone has them. They are developed through life experiences, influenced by inward desires and encouraged by people who share those desires.”

Now allow me to add one more influence: the media. We used to be able to trust the media. But today’s media has a leftist agenda which hates President Trump. If you listen to NPR, watch CNN and MSNBC, read the NY Times, Washington Post… you may develop a leftist worldview that is fervently anti-Trump.

But why do they hate Trump so much? They say, “He’s a racist!” Really? Give me an example.

They say, “He’s immoral!” Name one immoral thing he did in the last 4 years?

They say, “He’s killed 240,000 with the coronavirus.” First of all, he didn’t create the virus and secondly, his actions saved approximately 2 million lives that Covid was projected to kill.

The left doesn’t see it that way because they have presuppositions that President Trump is unworthy of the office and should be removed from the White House. Presuppositions made them believe in Russian collusion despite there being no evidence. Now they claim there is no evidence of voter fraud in this election despite evidence of irregularities because they don’t want to believe it. Tucker’s evidence of a dozen ballots being cast in the names of dead people and Sydney Powell’s accusation that votes were changed by the Dominion voting machines plus affidavits from eyewitnesses should make everyone curious.

But my caller wasn’t. She knows there is no voter fraud. How does she know? I imagine that she has put her faith in the media narrative that there is no evidence so she presupposes that Joe Biden won fair and square. Maybe he did. But I’m not sure until the judicial system says so. I didn’t respond to my caller any further. I believe she has ears but she won’t hear what I have to say.

Joe Biden’s family has business ties to Communist China, according to his son, Hunter’s emails. If his father becomes president, he will more than likely undo the tariffs that President Trump placed on China which would make China an advantage over American trade policy. Here is the time lapse video of how I drew this cartoon.

BELATED: Last week was Veterans Day. Sorry for posting this late but we should thank our veterans every day for their sacrifice in ensuring our freedoms.

FLASHBACK: The media claims that Trump has no evidence of voter fraud. That reminds me of the Mueller report which inspired this April 2019 cartoon. The media claimed that there was evidence of Russia collusion and yet a 2-year investigation found none. #doublestandard

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