Everybody with an IQ over 70 knows there was massive vote fraud in favor of Joe Biden beginning in the late evening of November 3rd.  There have been numerous reports of dead people voting, people double-voting and ballot harvesting, but none of that could throw an election that was so clearly one-sided for President Trump.

Where the manipulation and theft occurred that made it appear President Trump had lost important swing states by a slim margin, was in the Dominion computer systems that were specifically designed to allow manipulation of votes.  President Trump’s numbers were coming in as a solid, overwhelming landslide.  Then, in the wee hours of November 4th, after counts were inexplicably halted, a number of Trump’s votes were transferred to Biden.  As soon as Biden’s numbers were even or barely higher than Trump’s, the computer program began counting votes for Biden at a ratio just slightly higher than Trump’s, thus ensuring a thin lead for Biden to the end of counting.  The reason several states inexplicably halted the vote count was they needed to know exactly how the numbers were shaping up in order to know how many votes to delete from Trump’s column and place them under Biden’s column to even up the race.  After that adjustment was made, the balance of votes counted would be manipulated to favor Biden by a slim margin to win that state.

That is how it was done, and the good news is that Trump’s legal team knows all about it.  Had Trump’s initial results not been a landslide, the deception might very well have been very hard to prove, but because Trump’s numbers were so high in the beginning, those manipulating the vote count were forced to overplay their hand, and by doing so, they exposed the obvious fraud that was occurring.

So right now the Democrats, who are very well aware Trump’s team is hot on the track of their fraud, are trying to run out the clock any possible way they can, and I believe they may be successful.  But the evidence of fraud in this case is heavily supported by witnesses and some whistleblowers who actually helped develop and use the software in the Dominion machines, and I believe the final decision will come down to the Supreme Court and specifically our newly appointed Justice, Amy Coney Barrett.

One unsettling discovery is that Dominion declares their machines and software to be proprietary, meaning they cannot be (legally) disassembled and the software used cannot be analyzed.  What that means is the various states that bought the Dominion systems did so either on unwarranted trust, or because the intent was to manipulate the vote.  I wrote, “unwarranted trust”, because I remember that computerized election voting machines have been suspect for at least three major national presidential elections going back twelve years!  Who in their right mind would buy a voting system they were prohibited from thoroughly inspecting before use anyway?

As crazy as it might seem, it is very possible the true vote results flipped California for President Trump on November 3rd.  California is absolutely infected with Dominion systems, and don’t forget these elections are not only to decide who should be President, but also who should be House and Senate members, who should be Governor, who should join the state’s legislature, who should run a county, who should be Sheriff, and they even include local measures to elect a tax on local residents!  So let’s get real here:  Even your county commissioners could have been chosen for you no matter how you and all your neighbors voted.  Obviously, if Dominion systems were purchased for the big elections, they can be used to manipulate all of your elections.

So what is the Trump team doing right now?  I believe they are putting all their evidence together and they are preparing a very professional and slick nationally televised presentation of that evidence to we citizens of the United States.  If they are to prevent or at least limit the potential violent reaction the Democrat voters will probably have to a SCOTUS-decided election in favor of President Trump, they must try to preempt that reaction with the hard, proven truth of what really happened.  After all, the brain-dead liberals are still fawning over the lies of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox and most of the print media, telling them the whole vote fraud thing is a conspiracy theory unsupported by evidence, so they will need to be educated in the truth.

We all know the media have been active participants in this attempted coup, and I believe it may be necessary for President Trump to use whatever legal means are available to at least temporarily take over those mass-media outlets to make certain that presentation is seen by the majority of U.S. citizens.

Carl F. Worden

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