Biden says he won’t push national coronavirus shutdown

You just asked a question to a liar and you expect a true statement…. he calling himself President elect when it has not happened yet.

Joe Biden's gaffes explained, in Steve Sack's latest political cartoon |  Opinion | Cartoon |

Presidential candidate Joe Biden told reporters on Thursday he would not push a national business shutdown to fight the COVID-19 pandemic once he takes office in January.

Because “every region … can be different,” Biden said, “there is no circumstances in which I can see we would require a total national shutdown.”

He said that community spread of the virus varies too much across the country for nationwide restrictions, but that each region should implement restrictions to curb the spread.

In a video conference with leaders of the National Governors Association, Biden promised to help states fight the pandemic.

He also expressed concern that President Trump’s administration was withholding transition resources and hampering his ability to plan quick distribution of a coronavirus vaccine.

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