Hey, Republicans, Who Else Wants To Go To Prison With The Donald?

In a recent release, we find the The People’s Email Network in  L.A., pushing for criminal punishment for the President and all other Republicans….

Hey, Republican officials, at both the state and federal level.  Hurry, hurry, hurry.  There’s still time for you to conspire in one of the crimes Trump is still committing.  You might even get to share a prison cell with Donald Trump himself.

Having failed to get any real traction in the courts, even from Republican judges, with the blizzard of complaints his lawyers have been filing, the second leg of Trump’s election stealing game plan is to now try to get state legislatures to override the voters of their own states.  On Friday, he summoned Republican members of the Michigan legislature to the White House, and seven actually showed up, including the majority leaders of both their state house and senate.

Regardless of whether or not they unilaterally now move to try to steal the presidential election, it was grossly improper for them to have even made the trip.  If would be as if Trump was on trial for one of his many crimes, and the judge in the case went golfing with him, with not even a record of the conversation.  What the hell did they think they were even supposed to be doing there?

This comes right on the heels of Trump personally calling two members of the canvassing board that oversees the votes in the city of Detroit, who at first tried to deny certification only to the voters there, despite the fact that predominantly white cities in their jurisdiction had more minor irregularities, and they had no problem with that.  And oh, by the way, there were less cosmetic irregularities in this election than in the last, and they had no problem with that one either.

After a massive public uproar on the spot, they did in fact certify the Wayne county results the same night, according to law.  But the next day, after talking to Trump off the record, they tried to withdraw their certification, which is not even a legal thing.  Again, it was grossly improper for them to even talk to him, and likely another serious crime for Trump to try to influence their decision.

Both the national and Michigan state RNC are in on it too, at this very moment calling for the whole state to hold up final certification, which is supposed to happen on Monday.  Dictators in the past have been infamous for bragging that vote counts don’t matter as long as they were doing the counting.  Here, not even the counts certified by the counties are to count, as long as the authoritarians can still steal the result in the final, formal certification.

This is deadly serious, folks.  At this point we would not bet a dime against the Republican toadies on the Michigan state canvassing board sheepishly caving in to pressure from their party higher ups.

Moreover, Trump is attempting the same thing in Pennsylvania, demanding that Republican legislators from that state appear before him immediately as well.  They shouldn’t even be traveling right now, in the midst of Trump’s escalating pandemic, let alone for such a criminal purpose.

And it doesn’t end there.  Lindsey Graham for his part called the secretary of state in Georgia to try to browbeat him into throwing out all  the votes in Atlanta, on some pretext about small numbers of mismatched signatures.  It was such a naked overture to participate in a conspiracy, the Republican secretary of state immediately blew a public whistle on the fact this call had taken place, as he well had a duty to do.  And another direct witness to the call spoke up as well.

In point of fact, if there were any signature issues, which could not be remedied by the voters themselves, they have already been withheld from the tally.  That is no ground at all for negating every other mail in vote, Graham’s reported scheme, where the signatures did properly match.

What the hell was Graham doing making such a call, other than to try to commit his own crimes?  Graham’s defense was that there was nothing wrong about this, because he wasn’t just making calls to Georgia, he claimed he had made similar calls to Republican officials in Nevada and Arizona too.

Uh . . . whuh . . . ?  Graham thinks it sounds better if he tries to commit the same crime in three states instead of just one?  And what a coinky-dink, these are precisely some of the other states the results of which Trump is otherwise trying to overturn.  While the respective officials in the these other two states are denying they got such calls, they may be lying.  Either that or Graham himself is lying, take your pick.

Ever since Trump set foot in the Oval Office he has been ordering people to break the law, even pre-offering the promise of pardons in the same breath.  This includes but is not limited to border patrol officers, postmaster DeJoy, attorney general Barr, all those who defied lawful subpoenas from Congress or lied at his behest under oath, and on and on.

So the question remains, who else wants to go to prison with Donald Trump?  The closer we get to Jan. 20th, 2021, and the inauguration of rightful president elect Biden, the bigger will be the crimes that Trump commits.  We fully expect these to include outright sedition, as he tries in the end to activate the assault weapon toters he told to “stand by” and is even now calling on to keep “fighting.”

And if you act now, Republicans, there’s still time for you too to get in on the hot indictment action.

What can we say… They don’t like us.

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