Hey folks:  Forgive me, but I often view life’s events through the filter of Bible prophecy, and we’re witnessing some really bizarre behavior by a lot of people, don’t you think?

Take for example, the (latest) traitor Republican in Michigan, a guy named Jeff Timmer, is reported to have sent Melania Trump a tweet after he committed his treason, and it read, “Merry f**king Christmas, Melania Trump”.  Huh???  Who does something like that?  Don’t you want to walk up to that guy, shake him by his shoulders and ask him, “What the Hell is wrong with you”?!?  It almost sounds like the little toad had made an advance toward Melania at one time and was rebuffed!  What does Melania Trump have to do with him or any of this current mess, anyway?  It sounded very personal, but why?  Melania Trump is a naturally nice person, but she’s also no fool.  I’d really like to know what was behind that.  Why would the jerk write such a thing so publicly and put on full display what a vile person he really is?

Another example is Fox News.  They had a really good thing going for them!  We made them a ton of money just watching their programming.  Then, for no good reason anyone can explain, they turned on us as if we’d been unfaithful to them!  Fox News’ ratings are taking a nosedive, and anyone could have seen it coming, except, of course, Fox News!  How the Hell can they explain their losing numbers and make any sense?

Now we see that complete, ugly fat ass, Chris Christie, has also turned against us, but I’m not even a little surprised because he’s never been that reliable as a leader or a person.  Like Mitt Romney, Chris Christie is his own fan club.

I know that in these latter days, God said that those people he’d given up on, those who did not want to have any relationship with him, would be given over to a “reprobate mind”.  Look at Biden!  Look at the idiot from Michigan!  Fox News!  They are all doing things, crazy things, that make us all wonder if they are still in their right minds?

I probably have to do a little more research, but, based on the signs, I am honestly beginning to wonder if Satan has already been cast down to the earth with his fallen angels.  How else do we explain any of this mass mental decline towards pure evil?  Did the Covid-19 virus come with its very own demon to possess each of these people?  What can possibly explain all this mass mental illness we’re seeing as plain as day?

Not long ago, a lady psychiatrist was confronted by a bunch of Antifa/BLM types on the street.  She wrote that, as a mental health professional, she shouldn’t write the following, but the only way she could describe the people who confronted her, was that they seemed demon-possessed!  For a psychiatrist to describe other Human Beings like that is telling.  Out of all her extensive education and her knowledge of various Human mental illnesses, only demon possession was adequate to describe what she saw in their eyes!  Think about that for a moment.

Anyway, I’ve got a bit more research to go over regarding this, but if it is as I suspect, the AntiChrist is right on our horizon and knocking on our door.

Carl F. Worden

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