Where is the LAW that gives politicians authority to tell us what we can do?

I have a  QUESTION that I haven’t been able to get answered so far.  If you have the answer – PLEASE let me know.

Where is the LAW that gives politicians authority to tell us what we can do?

With all the news of all these far leftists n office making *rules* to restrict and isolate people. – the mandates to wear those phoney masks and the idiot social distancing – WHAT is it that gives those socialists (prison wardens they think they are) the RIGHT to issue such orders and what is it that makes the people bend over to obey them?

There is a great separation in the medical community about the masks – the number of people to gather together – or that even the NUMBERS being reported are any place close to TRUTHFUL.  People are counted as Covid deaths have actually died from other reasons but COVID gets the count.  Media is the broadcast instrument to keep the panic going.  The changing of position on the masks and the danger they present to the wearers by those in government (wear them – don’t  wear them) should tell all that they have no TRUTHFUL info and this is a SHAM!

I’ve read numerous reports of the TAINTED testing swabs so how can anyone trust those test results?    Elon Musk had 4 Covid tests and 2 were negative and two positive –  What is the proof those tests weren’t TAINTED?   What has happened to all the FLU CASES we used to hear about –  they are now silent.

The outright LIES about these vaccines (all being financed by the ONE WORLD ORDER GLOBALISTS) –  Recently I rec’d a post that gave the ingredients in these WARP SPEED VACCINES and all of them include the means to change our DNA .  My strong opposition to ALL vaccines is well known and WHY I oppose them.  Bill Gates has long stood for depopulation of the world and change the DNA will certainly enable that to happen.

BIG PHARMA is not a TRUSTWORTHY outfit IMHO.   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and the same is true of too many in the medical profession. My 80+ years of dealing with the medical community has proven my distrust over and over.  WHY aren’t’ they promoting the pH balance as a PREVENTIVE to virus and bacterial illnesses rather than prescribing huge side effect with their Anti-biotics?  Many medics have no clue about the pH when I ask them about it.  They don’t make $$$ by telling people how to PREVENT illnesses via diet of what they put in their mouths and swallow.  Think of the MONEY  MACHINE  that would disrupt if they did that.  Not to mention forcing the medical community to LEARN about the things they tell their patients to do.

Folks, what we are experiencing is a GIGANTIC SHAM – DELUSION  – world wide – It is as I have mentioned in the past – the indoctrination and prepping of the world to accept the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation time.

So I repeat my QUESTION –  What is the law that gives these politicians (gov’, mayors, etc) the authority to issue their declarations of who what where and how many?  They don’t obey their own mandates so that should tell you how forceful their authority is.  How long before they mandate we put solid plastic bags over our heads and tie them tight around our necks?

Jackie Juntti

WGEN idzrus@earthlink.net

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