The Bible specifically warns against adding to or taking away from God’s Word.  Once again, a man who thinks he’s God’s gift to Christianity tells me he has nothing to worry about because he’s going to be raptured out before the Great Tribulation takes place.  Oh boy…

Let me explain something that should be obvious:  If you put words into God’s mouth, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t keep them!  There are a bunch of so-called pastors in America who teach Rapture Doctrine and it is a false doctrine, meaning they have added to God’s Word.  If you are such a false teacher, let me remind you that God’s judgment will begin at the pulpit.

How did the Rapture Theory come about?  Back in 1830, a very ill woman named Mary (I can’t recall her last name right now) awoke and told two pastors she had a dream about a rapture of all true Christian souls being taken out and joining with Jesus before the Great Tribulation.  Those pastors went around telling others about Mary’s dream and it started rolling downhill and gathering steam from there.  The King James Version is universally described by Bible scholars as being the most accurate translation of the Hebrew and Greek into English, and yet the term, “Rapture”, does not appear anywhere in it.

What does that tell you?

What the Bible does tell us is that after AntiChrist and his sidekick, the False Prophet, take power over the One World Government, those of God’s Elect (true Christian believers) who refuse to worship the AntiChrist will be brought before him in a ten-day trial.  We are instructed not to premeditate and decide what to say, but to allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak through us to rebuke AntiChrist.  That prophecy is clearly referring to the time of the Great Tribulation, so if there are God’s Elect present and being brought before AntiChrist, that in itself is solid proof there is no Rapture, because if there was, the Elect would have already been whisked away!

Always beware of what you want to believe.

The whole idea of The Rapture is something people want to believe in, simply because they are looking for an easy way out.  But when they discover they have not been raptured out and are being brought before AntiChrist, are they going to be angry at God for not keeping words that he never instructed should be written?  Will they assume they are not saved because they are still here, stuck facing the Great Tribulation?  Will they say, “There is no God”, and commit the unforgivable sin by refusing to allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak through them when brought before AntiChrist?  I think they might do any of those things, and that is why Rapture Doctrine is not harmless.

No, a lie like that is not harmless at all.

Carl F. Worden

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