WA State Election Results CANNOT BE CERTIFIED

H/T to Lynn for forwarding this to me.  Go to the Web page listed and  click on the  WEiCU Press Release 11/23

to read the PDF file.

Jackie Juntti

From: ssshock@comcast.net

Subject: WA State Election Results CANNOT BE CERTIFIED


Look up your county canvassing board for contacts.


From: ssshock@comcast.net <ssshock@comcast.net>
To: secretaryofstate@sos.wa.govelections@kingcounty.govkevin.wright@kingcounty.govjulie.wise@kingcounty.govcarolyn.busch@kingcounty.gov
Subject: WA State Election Results CANNOT BE CERTIFIED

Dear Secretary of State Kim Wyman and King County Election Board Members,

There is clear evidence that there have been voting irregularities in the Nov 3, 2020 WA state general election.  Some of these irregularities have been documented by Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEICU), and examples of those irregularities are summarized in their November 23, 2020 press release, attached.

Franklin County is refusing to certify the election because of the irregularities (second attachment), therefore the Nov 3, 2020 general election results for Washington State CANNOT BE CERTIFIED until these issues are investigated and resolved.

I demand that that the election NOT BE CERTIFIED and that investigation of these irregularities be implemented immediately.  Failure to fairly provide accurate election results will mean you will be subject to prosecution for malfeasance of your official duties as voting officials.

Scott Shock

PCO 43-1826

Seattle, WA

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