Olbermann Unwittingly Demonstrates Importance of Right to Keep and Bear Arms

by David Codrea

(Ammoland.com)- “Prosecute them all!” Former ESPN and MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann demanded in a Tuesday YouTube video. “We want the prison so filled with Trumps and Trump flunkies and Trump apologists and Trump enablers, that we have to convert Trump buildings into new [redacted] Trump prisons.”

“When the policy differences are between maintaining American democracy and substituting racist one-party rule, you’re [redacted] right that we want to criminalize policy differences that might exist between the outgoing administration and the administration that is about to take over,” Olbermann continued. “We … also want as many members as possible of this corrupt immoral anti-democratic outgoing administration indicted, arrested, tried, and imprisoned.”

And not just them. Including  “flunkies…apologists and … enablers” casts a net to include anyone who has supported President Trump and, more importantly, the promised agenda that got him elected. It also includes anyone in the media Olbermann wants the state to silence, case in point, when he demanded the arrest of Fox News host Tucker Carlson over something he never said (a Democrat operative had) about “Trump supporters own[ing] 60 to 70% of the guns.” Rather than being a man and apologizing about it, Olbermann hid by deleting his tweet.

Criminalize policy differences. Ignore Constitutional “speech and debate” protections. Ignore the First Amendment. Ignore due process. Seize property. Take citizens hostage at gunpoint and imprison them.

How very North Korean of him.

The thing is, as fascistic as Olbermann is proving himself to be, he’s hardly alone, and such demands have been echoed by other “progressives” of prominence.

His former MSNBC colleague Rachel Maddow wants to go after “officials” – for now. And we’re not limited to media loons. New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. has called for the prosecution of Donald Trump “and his enablers” for “treason.”

Guess what the ultimate penalty is for that.

To all of you gun-owning “Trump enablers” who are reading this, here’s a question you’ll need to consider: Do you intend to “go gentle into that good night”?

Because understand that the subversives intent on total domination demand a monopoly of violence. That’s why self-important hive insects like Olbermann are also demanding that the National Rifle Association be “branded for what it is — a terrorist organization.”

What must that make those of us who view the NRA as far too compromising? And what does the government do to “terrorists”?

A rational person who believes in freedom might say “Nuts to that,” and not just defy tyranny, but actively resist it. Isn’t that why the Founders considered the Second Amendment “necessary to the security of a free State?”

No worries. The same would-be totalitarians who want your guns have this to say about that:

“Number one: there needs to be a clear public response, that people who exercise this ‘right’ are not patriots, but traitors.”

And what happens to those?

Here are two more questions for you “Trump enablers” who refuse to go quietly:

When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris order you to pay for, register, and/or surrender your “weapons of war,” will you obey them?

Assuming enough don’t and then prevail, what are your thoughts on “unity and healing” with “flunkies…apologists and … enablers” like Keith Olbermann?


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