Will Warnock Gain Power To Inflict Injustice – Or Worse?

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Raphael Warnock is clearly an enemy of law-abiding Americans who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. That much is clear. Just how bad he is, though, would shock many Second Amendment supporters.

The Washington Free Beacon went into detail on his history of anti-Second Amendment extremism, and some of it defies common sense. Other parts of the agenda, though, are flat-out injustices, and a few even place law-abiding citizens in greater danger.

His opposition to laws that allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in churches, for instance, defies common sense. All one has to do to refute his argument is to look at the incident at the West Freeway Church of Christ. When a gunman tried to carry out a horrific act in that place of worship, armed citizens acted, halting the attack in six seconds, which greatly reduced the harm that occurred.

Had the church been a gun-free zone, it would likely have been a slaughter. You remember Sutherland Springs? Sandy Hook? Parkland? Those who turned churches and schools into massacre sites had minutes to carry out their acts of malice/insanity. Yet, like Joe Biden, Warnock views enabling law-abiding citizens to protect themselves as part of the problem, not the solution. Of course, how those abattoirs are exploited by anti-Second Amendment extremists, might be an explanation for this criticism.


Well, Warnock’s taken the position in the past that Second Amendment supporters defending ourselves from being punished for crimes and acts of madness we didn’t commit through opposition to the Bloomberg agenda is somehow immoral. This presumption of corruption/immorality, which has been peddled by his “running mate,” Jon Ossoff as well as Elizabeth Warren, is a slur against millions of Americans who donate generously of their means, whether it be time, money, or other property, to get involved in our system, as protected (for now) by the First Amendment. Quite frankly, if he won’t extend us either grace or the presumption of good faith, then he doesn’t deserve it from us.

Warnock lacks any sense of shame for this, as well. In fact, he’s even attacked “Stand Your Ground” laws, which in essence reduce the danger for law-abiding citizens by removing the requirement that they retreat when being assaulted or threatened with assault. At the very least, a person who defends themselves would face a lot of expenses from the legal aftermath of an incident. Worse, that person may end up hurt when they try to retreat – and only end up exposing themselves to greater danger.

Warnock’s preaching may be protected by the First Amendment, but Second Amendment supporters should make sure that is all he is able to do. To render him unable to do more than rant from the sidelines, go to Senator Loeffler’s campaign site to see how you can help her win the special election. In addition, support the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to be ready for the 2022 midterms, no matter who wins the White House.

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