Tennessee Stands Says Gov. Bill Lee Won’t Do Enough to Help Memphis Businesses Suffering During COVID-19

Tennessee Stands spokesman Gary Humble on Sunday blasted Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee for not taking an aggressive enough stance to help struggling businesses in Memphis during COVID-19.

This, according to a press release that Tennessee Stands emailed Sunday.

Humble specifically cited Shelby County, which has a county board of health that operates with powers autonomous from the Tennessee Department of Health.

Humble said in the email that the Shelby County Health Department, “under the current emergency status, has executed on a seemly newfound authority to make policy and create civil penalties for the people of Memphis.”

“Some would call that an unconstitutional fourth branch of government. And I would agree with that sentiment,” Humble said.

Humble also said that “the Shelby Co BOH has gone so far recently as to require individuals dining in a restaurant to pull their masks up and down over their mouth and nose while taking bites of food.”

Humble referred to a radio interview that Lee gave to KWAM 990 in Memphis last week.

KWAM asked Lee what he can do to help Shelby County businesses “struggling under orders from the local board of health.”

“The question was asked a total of three times due to the Governor continuing to dodge the question,” Humble wrote.

“Finally, after the Governor confessed that he had no such power to provide help to these businesses, he exclaimed that the saving grace would be…….the vaccine. Yes, that’s right. What do struggling businesses need to survive government overreach? A vaccine. That is going to fix everything.”

Humble said he found “it striking that when it is time to institute a lockdown and close businesses, the Governor finds the absolute authority to do so. But when it comes to defending the liberties of those same businesses from tyranny, the Governor finds himself helpless.”

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