Understanding the Times

WOW!   todays message from Jan Markel is SO important to listen to.  It is roughly one hour in length. She and her guest discuss the Great RESET – The World Economic Forum among several other current issues and how they relate to prophecy.  How the Biden Harris team is the implementation of decades old planning by the Anti American workers.

Again, I state – if you haven’t asked Christ into your heart yet DO SO NOW!!!  It crushes my heart to think of any one of you being Left Behind to go thru the Tribulation and possibly be sentenced to the Lake of Fire for eternity.

This is all part and parcel of Satan’s plan to rebel against God – to become a god.  You re either a servant of God the Heavenly Father or you are a servant of Satan.  There is no other choice to make.

https://hischannel.com/OliveTree/25803A  Guest is Curtis Bowers

Jan Markell


Jackie Juntti

WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net


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