Re-open Washington peaceful protest held in Olympia

Here is a more detailed report on the *confrontation* that took place in Olympia Saturday.  The local news outlets have been sorely lacking as well as those who did post something – they showed their liberal bias big time.  Until the Antifa thugs are defeated, one way or another, they will continue to attract  the low IQ members.   Perhaps it is time to use cattle prods to send them running for their basements. It works for other animals.

Jackie Juntti


Sue at the Capitol Vicki Kraft Rally, 12.5.2020

Re-open Washington peaceful protest held in Olympia

Dec 7, 2020 | Commentary

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On Saturday, November 5, 2020, I attended a “Re-open Washington” two-hour peaceful protest hosted by State Representative Vicki Kraft, District 17 (R) on the steps of the State Legislative Building facing the Temple of Justice (State Supreme Court).  At one point, most of the steps were filled with people – quite the crowd that showed up – wanting to make the point to the Governor to re-open Washington.At a time when we have a governor who insists on maintaining total power over government and citizens without allowing a special session to be called so the voices of his constituency can be heard through their elected representatives, is just wrong on so many levels.

I’ve spoken to so many individuals across our district who are being harmed by the shutdowns, and my heart goes out to the many small businesses that are suffering as a result, workers who are hurting financially and emotionally, young people who are losing out on their education, and restaurants that are close to permanently closing, places where so many of us enjoy getting together for meals and conversation with friends and family.

As I’ve said so many times before, the governor is using a punishing, one-size-fits-all “solution” to a problem that is nonexistent in many areas, especially rural ones.  One just needs to look at the statistics in various counties to see that’s true. We get only one side of the story; there are many doctors worldwide who are standing up and expressing strong concern for lockdowns.  See for just one of these groups of physicians. It begs the question as to who to believe: actual physicians, or politicians?

I listened to many individuals who spoke, including church pastors, small business owners, and high school students – all expressing how devastating the recent, additional shutdown by Governor Jay Inslee (D)  has been on their churches, communities, businesses, education and lives.  Recently, a number of Democrat and Republican legislators wrote a letter to the governor, who has refused to call a special session to allow the people’s voices to be heard through their State Representatives and remains virtually a ‘dictator’, pleading for the re-opening of restaurants stating that the science does not support their remaining closed.  Inslee has refused to act.

Kraft addressed the issue of teenage suicides recently, citing 6 or 7 in the Puget Sound area because of the lockdowns.  That should not be happening, she said.

Several church pastors spoke about the importance of being open to help people in a variety of ways – spiritually and physically, as they shared a message of faith and hope.

One student spoke about how she had been an “A” student and and that her grades have dropped while trying to attend online only classes. “Distance learning is not a good or healthy alternative for in-person education,” she said, as she pleaded with the governor to re-open schools.

Many other individuals in small businesses spoke about the effects on each of their businesses, and asked the Governor to re-open Washington; several stated their businesses would have to close permanently if the shutdown continues.  All agreed that there was more damage being done to individuals’ lives, with depression, suicide, alcoholism, abuse, and loss of employment due to the continuing shutdown. Churches cannot be opened, one speaker stated, while pot shops, liquor stores and strip joints can be. “These edicts are tyrannical,” another stated.

A pastor and his wife from Vancouver stated that the shutdowns are not slowing down the spread of the virus but they are creating financial and emotional devastation among the people.  This nation is based on the concept of individual freedom.  We should be able to choose which businesses to frequent and attend churches.  Why is is safe to go to a hardware store or a grocery store, but not to a small business or a church service? The entire rally can be seen here: Re-Open WA at the WA State Capital.

I spoke with several state representatives who expressed the need to call a special session, including Rep. Jesse Young (R), Rep. Jim Walsh (R), Rep. Joel McEntire (R) and others. (Yet we need 2/3 of them in order to do it.)

It’s past time to “RE-OPEN WASHINGTON.”

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