Mich. Fraud Witness Debunks Dominion CEO Testimony, Says Poulos Falsely Denied Internet Connection & Ballot Dumps

Michigan’s top witness of election fraud debunked recent claims that Dominion CEO John Poulos made while under oath to a State Senate Committee.

“He stated none of the machines were connected to the Internet,” election fraud witness Melissa Carone said. “[There is a] 53-minute audio recording of the Dominion training session, in which they admit that all of their hardware is connected to the internet.”

Melissa Carone said the Dominion CEO also lied by saying that election workers had ballots locked in steel boxes. In reality, she said, they had access to the ballots and even ran them through machines several times.

Additionally, Carone added Poulos falsely denied ballot dumps at Detroit’s TCF Center. She noted there is documented evidence of the ballot dumps.

“These pictures are crazy,” Carone said. “They are from outside the Department of Elections on the third and the fourth and there are Penske moving trucks. The back of them are open.”

She noted that trucks belonging to the city of Detroit were allegedly parked behind the moving trucks to guard them.

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