Nearly six years after Paris terrorist attack, 14 found guilty marking end of three-month trial

11 were present in court for their convictions while three are missing and presumed to be dead or in Syria.

A Parisien wears protective gear near the Eiffel Tower

A Parisien wears protective gear near the Eiffel Tower (Pascal le Segretain / Getty Images)

The 14 people on trial in connection with the deadly, 2015 terror attacks in Paris were found guilty Wednesday on a range of charges.

The verdict end a three-month trial and puts the fugitive widow of an Islamic State gunman and a man known as his logistics expert behind bars for 30 years.

The January 7-9, 2015, attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a kosher supermarket resulted in the death of 20 people, including three gunmen.

“We accuse the executioner but ultimately it is worse to be his valet,” said Patrick Klugman, a lawyer for the survivors of the market attack.

Judicial police said 37 million bits of phone data was searched in the investigation.

Of the 14 accused in the attacks, 11 were in the courtroom Wednesday. All of the defendants received sentences ranging from 4 for 30 years.

The three others were tired in absentee.The widow is believed to be in Syria where she fled just days before the attacks. Two other men are believed to be dead. However, just in case, one man was sentenced to life in prison and the other was convicted separately.

The trial was delayed repeatedly due to the coronavirus.

— which connected killings across Paris to the Islamic State group and al-Qaida.

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