Try the Butterscotch Clusters


Slow Cooker Peanut Clusters - The Magical Slow Cooker

Butterscotch Peanut Clusters

Here is a personal favorite of mine – they are Butterscotch/Peanut clusters (all in 10 mins) and are a Christmas favorite… My grandmother used to make these every year and every time I eat them – it brings me back to an earlier time… Today it is something that I do with my girls – and it always brings them back to their childhood…

For this you need – Nestle Butterscotch morsels, salted peanuts, and Chinese noodles… (you know the crunchy ones).

Begin by setting up a double boiler – when ready add in the butterscotch morsels… stir until melted… now add in the noodles and the peanuts… stir to coat really well. When ready – remove from the heat and with a tablespoon – take scoops of the mix and plop them onto wax paper… They will harden into clusters in about 10 mins…

They make a great addition to the other holiday deserts at the table.


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