My morning thoughts on 4 items

Yesterday I sent out a private post to one State senator – and three friends to get some feedback on an issue I am hoping to get some attention to.

As I sat here this morning thinking about the one topic a few others hit me as well after seeing a few headlines on my morning trap line run.

So here goes with the first topic for all of you to give some feedback if you choose to and hopefully many of you will pick up the idea and push for a resolution in the state you live in.

#1 – I have grown so sick of INSLEAZE issuing his proclamations of what we can and can’t do. Loudly stating them as if they are LAW.  Many other governors are doing the same thing.  That in itself is bad enough but now INSLEAZE is sending so called law enforcement officials to close businesses down that are not complying with his *laws* – and/or pulling the business licenses of the business.   So, my question is this – What is the RCW in Washington that lists all the LAWS that the Legislature has passed?  Governors DO NOT MAKE LAW as I understand it – all LAWS are made by the state legislature.  If Governors MAKE law by proclaiming something or other we can do away with the legislature entirely and save a bunch of money in taxes and accept that we prefer a DICTATOR in the Governors office.   If we don’t want a DICTATOR issuing his own *LAWS* by proclamation then let’s put an immediate HALT to all these Orders of the Governors.  Same goes for those local mayors, Sec. of State,  Attorney generals.  They have all gotten away with this BS so far – Let’s put a STOP to it all.

#2 – In my morning trap line run I saw a few headlines about Soros and his ilk buying political office by financing their chosen candidates. That reminded me of my efforts a few decades ago to put a STOP to any and all financial or any other contributions to any political candidate unless the PERSON (no bundling or PAC’s) contributing was also LEGALLY able to cast a vote for the person/issue.  If you can’t cast a vote then you can’t hand over money or other form of contributions to that candidate or issue.  This brings about several things I consider important.  Number 1 is the candidate then has to pay attention to his/her constituents and none to the lobbyists or the agenda of the big money honcho’s.  It will also bring down the cost of running for office – thus opening it up to many people rather than the well financed individuals.  In addition there needs to be SEVERE penalties to anyone who tries to go around this LAW.  Then this law needs to be ENFORCED.  Also – proof that the candidate actually LIVES in the area they are running to represent.  Too many are found to NOT live in the place they say they do.

#3 –  Said candidates MUST also be Legal American citizens and swear allegiance to the United States Constitution and take their oath on the BIBLE not the Quran of some other book.  We don’t need more Ilhan Omars – or Tlaib’s in office.   And TERM LIMITS need to be the rule. We do not need career polecats ruling over us.

#4 – Get rid of all machines used for voting.  Return to paper ballots – voting in person and enforce the LAW that one needs to meet to be able to vote – a legal citizen – be of legal voting age – show I.D. – and most of all – BE ALIVE .  If voting in person on paper ballots is too much for you then you don’t need to vote.  Absentee ballots should only be issued for each election one is needed for and they need to meet tight reasons for needing an absentee ballot.  The voter registration lists should be purged every so many years and if you wish to vote then you need to re-register.  that will clean out the deaths and those who move or get married or whatever reasons their status changes.  If you need to renew your drivers license every so many years then why not your *license* to vote??

Well, that is some of my morning thoughts as I begin my day.  What say you?

Jackie Juntti


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