There is a hearsay report that a clerk overheard a very loud argument between Supreme Court justices when they were deciding what to do about the Texas lawsuit.  Supreme Traitor Justice John Roberts is reported to have won the argument for lack of standing by telling the other justices that if they voted to hear the case and overturn the election, massive riots all over the USA by Antifa-type factions would tear the nation apart.  What that has to do with upholding the law leaves me appalled.  When a judge goes by situation ethics, he or she is no judge at all and should be removed from the bench.

Anyway, it is still a hearsay report, and in case you don’t understand the term, “Hearsay”, I’ll explain it.  If Tom sees John shoot Bill, that is direct witness evidence that is allowed in court.  But if Tom heard from another person that John shot Bill, that is hearsay evidence a judge will not permit a jury to hear.

However, if the story turns out to be true, it does highlight a major problem of perception.  We Trump supporters hold huge rallies and protests in Washington DC, but we don’t resort to violence.  Antifa and similar groups are a known quantity because they have proven to be violent, so they are seen as a greater threat than those who are normally law-abiding.  I think we’ve made a mistake in communication, folks.

We shout, “Stop The Steal”, “Four More Years”, and other non-threatening, benign slogans, and that’s all nice and good, but it conveys that we will not exercise the Citizen’s Nuclear Option if all our protests are ignored, and right now, they are being ignored.  But if a huge rally in Washington DC includes massive chants of, “Death To All Liberals!”, or “Death To ALL Communists!”, or “Death To ALL Traitors!”, the Left will begin to pay a lot more attention.  What these election thieves do not understand about us is that we will resort to the nuclear option of full-blown civil war if this election is allowed to stand.  Right now, they do not believe we will, and when we do, the violence we will inflict will far exceed anything Antifa or BLM has ever done before.  We won’t be burning and looting; we’ll be killing anyone who supported this coup in every corner of this nation!  I think it is time we made our ultimate intentions a lot more clear and concise:  If we can’t save our Republic, we are willing to destroy it.  If we can’t have it, you can’t have it.  We’ve got at least 75 million, really angry and determined American citizens, who know beyond any reasonable doubt that a coup is in progress, and a substantial percentage of our people are willing to put their lives on the line to preserve our Republic by force if necessary — but the problem is that the enemy does not believe it!  They don’t believe it because we are not telling them, and that is why, if it happened as reported, John Roberts won the argument.


We’re not communicating effectively, and that is our fault.


Carl F. Worden

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