The Frog’s “Blackboard”

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way. —Psalm 119:37

As a young boy, one of my favorite pastimes was hunting frogs along the banks of a pond near our home. I was unaware of their unique visual powers that enabled them to elude me so easily. Later I learned that the frog’s optical field is like a blackboard wiped clean, and that the only images it receives are objects that directly concern him. These little amphibians are never distracted by unimportant things, but are aware only of essentials and whatever may be dangerous to them.

In the Christian life we frequently become preoccupied with the vain things of the world. We allow our lives to become so cluttered with materialistic and insignificant concerns that we lose perspective of the things that endure. In our text the psalmist asked God for help in fixing his attention on what is good and lasting (Psalm 119:37).

The words of the Lord should not depart from our eyes, but must be kept in our heart always (Proverbs 4:21). Then our field of vision will be wiped clean of unnecessary things, and we will see clearly what God wants us to do.

Have you become distracted by sin so that you can no longer discern what is really important? Then take a lesson from the frog’s “blackboard” and center your gaze on Christ and His will for your life.

Mart De Haan

O God, You know my wayward heart,
  So prone to choose an earthly part;
  From vain affections set me free,
  That I may always look to Thee.


The more attracted we are to Christ, the less we’ll be distracted by the world.

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