January 6th, Patriots’ Day

Please be sure to read the 2nd piece I am pasting in following this – as it i all a major part of what is going on in this world. –  Jackie Juntti


Freedom will have its last stand right here. Let’s make history. God help us

January 6th, Patriots’ Day

When Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, neither he nor the patriots that put him there realized the extent of the Deep State. The swamp is global, the mire is deep. The scheme of the globalists is to take over the governments of the world and transform the planet into a one-world Communist state with Sustainability as the new world religion. This sustainability is only for them, to sustain their money, their power.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), at least for the time being, seems to be cooperating. After all, they want to see America fall as badly as the conspirators do.  At the same time, the CCP sees these globalists for who they are, traitors without an army, to be eventually swept aside as competitors for world domination. Nobody loves a traitor.

Any fool can see forces are gathering against the people. Big Tech, Big Media, Big Medicine, Big Pharma

It is now beyond conspiracy. The globalists are open about their plans to anyone who cares to listen. Much of our Washington institutions, our press and education system, have been made political tools, criminal alliances between political parties evident. Corporations have assumed massive political power, in many cases calling the shots. Whether Americans have any real say in their government is now highly debatable.

The new Democrat Party, born domestically in the 60s when they created a new moral imperative, selling redemption for what they see as our sinful past, spent our country into oblivion, as much as 25 trillion dollars. It was all to gain power, leaving the subjects of their noble intentions behind, and opening every Pandora’s box in the process. They have now joined with these global pirates.

Any fool can see forces are gathering against the people. Big Tech, Big Media, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and many major corporations have joined foreign conspirators to dictate our lives, our customs, to decide what we are to see, not see, what we are to believe, and what is moral. What fools they be. They are to be destroyed along with the people they think they are fooling.

Our Republic, and Canada as well, are joining the world in government by the ruling class, the rich and powerful, rather than government by the people. It is self-serving, corrupt to its very core, filled with happy talk, with the result no different than scores of third-world s**t holes around the globe. It is now in the process of being made official here in the U.S. by this last counterfeit election. Investigations are aplenty with prosecutions nowhere to be found. Federal and many local law enforcement institutions can no longer be depended on to enforce law. Trump’s presidency has become an island of national allegiance in the middle of an ocean of traitorous sludge.

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