Written to His Family by Ivy Scarborough

I have just been watching the court proceedings on the BTK killer who is openly answering questions from the judge about his rapes and murders of innumerable families.

I have been struck by certain characteristics of this which I want you to pay attention to.

  • In each case the individual or family member   opened the door to this man with no apparent precautions or wariness. Even   though he was a stranger, they opened the door and then just let him in.
  • All of them complied when he produced his gun   and started giving orders. Apparently not a one of them had their own gun or   at least had one loaded and in close proximity.
  • They all complied even when his hands were   occupied tying up some family members or forcing plastic bags over their heads   to smother them.

It is clear from his statements that he was worried about being resisted. I suspect if he had been resisted ferociously he would have run.

But no one resisted.

And everyone died.

In the case of the women and little girls, they were raped or otherwise molested.

I have tried to drill it into every family member that all should be forever alert and never so ready to assume that “everything is okay.” Listening to this (which angers me beyond words) prompts me to bring this to your attention again.

Most of all, never be compliant in the face of an attack unless it is clear the attacker simply wants your car or wallet.

Anything beyond that, scream in a way that would scare the dead. Be ruthlessly vicious and savage – gouging until you can burst eyeballs or pull them out, any severe blow to the trachea and the head, the most brutal things you can do – do it! Don’t just strike to injure, kill him if you can.

And do it so fast and so violently with so much noise that he is persuaded he may get hurt and/or caught if he stays to fight.

Our society is becoming more and more foolish. We teach people to be passive and totally reliant on government (i.e., police) for their protection (no carrying guns, etc.) and yet simultaneously these sons of Satan and others like them are becoming more prevalent.

This is foolishness of the first magnitude.

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