Constitutional Carry and other significant pro-2nd Amendment bills filed

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As of January 15, 2021, the Tennessee Legislature has filed almost 400 new pieces of legislation. Of those, TFA has flagged 14 that are possibly of interest or that have caption scope that make them of potential interest. That report is attached below.

There are a few bills of significance already.

House Bill 11 and House Bill 97 are two similar bills by Rep. Jay Reedy that propose a major change in Tennessee law by allowing the use of deadly force under certain limited circumstances to protect real or personal property. This move likely arises out of the public awareness arising from the riots, protests, arson and looting that have been so prevalent leading up to the November 2020 elections as well as the public’s outrage over the fact that law enforcement in Missouri charged the McCluckeys when they stood in their own yard with firearms to protect themselves and their property from a mob.

House Bill 18 by Rep. Bruce Griffey is legislation that was filed in 2019 to be heard in 2020 that would enact permitless “constitutional” carry. The bill already has co-sponsors from Rep. Scotty Campbell, Rep. Clay Doggett, Rep. Mark Hall and Rep. Todd Warner. Seventeen other states already have this type of law and there is no reason that Tennessee did not pass it years ago. This category of legislation is critical for Tennesseans and should be one of your priorities as a supporter of TFA.

House Bill 25 by Rep. Chris Todd is legislation that provides additional protections for individual crime victims who have had to resort to justifiable self-defense. The legislation was filed in 2020 and made good progress in the House but was not advanced by the Senate sponsor.

John Harris

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