Another Chance

Do you love Me? . . . Tend My sheep. —John 21:16

Jesus promised Peter something every repentant believer craves—another chance (Luke 22:31-34). After telling him Satan would sift him as wheat, Jesus reassured Peter that He had prayed that his faith would not fail. Although Peter had insisted he would never forsake Him, Jesus said he would deny Him three times before dawn. In expectation of Peter’s restoration, Jesus re-commissioned him for future ministry: “When you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren” (v.32).

Preacher George Duncan said, “I don’t think many church-vacancy committees would have considered Peter a suitable candidate for a church!” Duncan pointed out that at Pentecost, however, God chose Peter to deliver the most vital sermon in church history. “It would seem,” Duncan said, “that some Christians have a message of forgiveness for the unbeliever, but no message of forgiveness for the believer. I’m glad that God does!” Because of that forgiveness, a new day of service dawned for Peter.

Indeed, if you are a repentant believer like Peter, you too can trust the Lord to give you another chance. Confess your sin and experience His forgiveness, healing, and restoration (1 John 1:9).

Joanie Yoder

When we confess our sins to God,
  We’re washed as white as snow;
Then He will send us out again—
  His love and grace to show.


God’s forgiveness always comes with another chance.

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