Those who helped usher in the Nazis in Germany and those who helped usher in the Communists in Russia all shared one common fate:  Once the government was secured, they fell out of favor.  After Hitler took power, he took out the Brown Shirts when they started complaining that the result of their efforts wasn’t what they signed up for.  Same thing happened to those who helped Stalin take power.

Imagine all those Antifa and BLM idiots when they realize Communism isn’t what they signed up for, especially after they find out they are no longer getting paid to do their mischief and are relegated to share the same poverty as those they victimized.  If I’m right, they’ll start looting and burning all over again, and that is when the axe will fall.  Liberals,  Communists and tyrants in general eat their own when they are no longer useful, and especially when they act up.

So the joke is on them, not that it will make any of us feel better under the yoke of Liberals, who are going to drive our economy right into the ground again.

Carl F. Worden

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