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Impeaching President Trump just days before he leaves office is like beating a dead horse. And Alan Dershowitz says that it’s unconstitutional for the Senate to impeach him after he is out of office. Watch and listen to me talk through my drawing process in this time lapse video.

BIDEN’S INAUGURAL ADDRESS (Written from his past gaffes)

My fellow Americans, my name’s Joe Biden. I am a gaffe machine. I’m also the 46th President of the United…you know, the thing. I’m not going nuts. If you didn’t vote for me, you ain’t black. Look, here’s the deal. We put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Now, I’m going to bring this country together. I’m going to restore civility. You people doubting that I won are lying dog-faced pony soldiers. C’mon, man! In my first 100 days, I’m going to be focused on a three-letter word: J•O•B•S. I’m going to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. I’m going to mandate that everyone wears a mask. And I’ll make sure that everyone has a record player at night. I’m going to make sure the kids hear words. As I’ve said before, poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. Under Bidencare, you can sign up at the website number. If you like your employer-based policy, you can keep that policy. The public option will be available in my plan. We’ll make sure it’s not quality. We make sure it’s only affordable. When I was Vice President, the President asked me to head up the cancer moonshot. I’m going to have a menecham, uh, mechanism to control drug prices. You know, it’s not what, we’re no longer using chemical-based things. All this thing dealing with cancers and other issues related to immune system or bio in it. We are in a b-position to be able to lead the world like we’ve never been able to do it before. It costs a lot of money to do what I want to do. We can afford it. In fact, we can’t afford not to do it. Because I’m going to raise your taxes. If we do everything right, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’ll get it wrong. People are figuring out that there’s not a damn thing we can do that we can’t, that we set our minds to it that we can’t get done. Now, look into my eyes, I guarantee you… we’re going to end fossil fuel. What Presidents say, matters. Clap for that, you stupid b@$^@#ds.

Is it time to redesign our nation’s flag? Or should we wait until the Democrats add D.C. and Puerto Rico?


Townhall’s Beth Baumann writes, “(CBS News) did their best to bury the real story: that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says almost doubling the federal minimum wage (Biden’s plan) would result in 1.3 million fewer jobs.”

Google is evil – Townhall’s Derek Hunter writes, “Google is… actively working to manipulate the public into a perverted view of the world and, more importantly, a way of thinking they want to impose.

VIDEO: Jim Jordan responds to the released Russia probe documents revealing the FBI’s investigation was a hoax from the beginning.

VIDEO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not understand capitalism or socialism – Andy Puzder, Pager U.

The White House posts Trump’s accomplishments in 4 years.

Far-Left Agitator John Sullivan Posed As A Cameraman At Capitol Riot To Stir Up Violence: ‘Let’s Burn This Sh-t Down’ – Jordan Davidson, The Federalist

Townhall’s Bronson Stocking: Prosecutors just walked back a pretty serious claim about the Capitol rioters

Interesting VIDEO of President Trump set to the poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” –

President Donald J Trump: Proclamation of Religious Freedom Day, 2021

American Greatness’ Conrad Black writes, “The Democrats are not going to be able to hide much longer behind their Trump hatred. But it’s really all they’ve got.”

American Greatness’ Victor Davis Hanson writes, “What is this latest impeachment gambit really about? Of course, it was a Parthian shot to discredit President Trump’s supporters.”

The Woke movement is Leninism 4.0: Political commentator Dr. James Lindsay – Gary Du and Jan Jekielek, The Epoch Times

ARCHIVE: Joe Biden’s $15 minimum wage plan, illustrated in my 2014 cartoon above, would “result in 1.3 million fewer jobs,” according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). FYI: A Facebook page called Republican Security Council used this cartoon.

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