Dozens arrested in NYC as cops, protesters clash outside City Hall Park

Manhattan protesters arrested

NYPD officers at the protest tonight outside of City Hall in Manhattan. Paul Martinka


Police and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed outside City Hall Park on Monday night, resulting in dozens of arrests and several injured officers, authorities said.

The confrontation began at about 8:30 p.m. after hundreds of protesters that originally met outside the  Barclays Center marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in a demonstration honoring Martin Luther King Jr., according to social media posts.

Once they made their way into Manhattan, they were met with a heavy police presence and chaos ensued, online footage shows.

Ten police officers were injured in the melee, sources said, and a captain was struck in the helmet with a bottle.

Police sources said one protester, who was arrested, swung a stick at an officer.

In one video posted to Twitter, police can be seen charging towards and pushing several protesters, and wrestling another person to the ground on the street.

Officers can be heard in online video ordering the protesters to back up onto the sidewalk.

“F–k you,” some in the crowd can be heard yelling at the police. “You f—ing animals,” other people say, according to the video.

At least 29 arrests were made near Chambers and Centre streets, with many accused of blocking traffic, according to sources.

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