My Pillow Guy Tells Dominion Voting Systems to ‘Bring It On’ After Lawsuit Threat

By  Paul Duke |  Steadfast Daily

One of the most unique advisers that Donald Trump has had the pleasure of meeting with in recent weeks has been Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, and star of the company’s TV commercials.

Lindell is another cutthroat businessman, much like The Donald, so we can only imagine that the two could share an affinity for each others’ shark-like certitude.  Lindell, like Sidney Powell and others before him, is convinced that the Dominion voting machines used on election day “stole” the election from Donald Trump, and he’s doing everything that he can to help the President remain in the White House.

Dominion hasn’t been too thrilled with the press that Lindell has been giving them, and threatened to sue him for defamation.

Lindell’s response was bold, to say the least.

Lindell told CBS News’ Sara Cook late Monday, “I want them to sue me. Please. Because I have all the evidence, 100%. I want all the American people and the world to see the horrific things that these (Dominion voting) machines are capable of and what they did to our country and what — they’re allowing other countries to steal our election and just to hijack our election.

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat: All American people need to know the truth that this happened. So I’m welcoming Dominion because it will be found out. They’re just doing this now to try and scare me.”

He went on…

“We have 100% proof that China and these other countries did it,” Lindell continued. “… So I welcome Dominion to come after me because I guess the word would come out a lot sooner than waiting for the Supreme Court to open this thing up.”

Lindell also made headlines a few days ago after a photojournalist snapped a picture of his notes from a meeting with the President, in which the phrase “martial law” was included.

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