Permanent Brain Damage From Metals In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

I sit here with my jaw dropping every time I see someone on the news(?) claiming to be THRILLED to be able to get that poison injected into their body.  I guess a person has to bury family members from vaccine  caused deaths before they figure out that the ingredients in those witches brews isn’t a good thing.  It is too much to change what you put in your mouth (acidic food & drinks) – all those processed foods – sugar filled foods and drinks – pure garbage and illness inducing slop.  I lost any sympathy at all for those who tell me they are sick with anything.  Maintaining an alkaline level in your body PREVENTS getting any bacterial or virus illness.  I can say this from my personal experience – since beginning the pH balance way of eating/drinking – I have not had one SICK FROM ILLNESS day in 13 years.  A total turn around from the prior years of my life being one who caught everything that came along.  I am walking proof that an alkaline balance PREVENTS illness.  Now if it would just heal my failing bone structure.   Oh, and the only vaccine I have ever had was when I was in 3rd grade in Los Angeles and they were giving diphtheria vaccines to the school kids.  I refuse to let them inject those poisons into my body.

Jackie Juntti


Woman Who Suffered Convulsions Screened For Permanent Brain Damage From Metals In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

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