Diluting the Young; Making them Good Liberals

Scott Conger, Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, posted on Facebook an item that highlighted his day:

Last night, my family went into a store. My daughter saw two young women with their masks hanging off their ears. All of a sudden, she said, “Ma’am! Can you put your mask on, please.” They laughed and put on their masks. I asked her why she did that. Her response was as pure as could be. She said, “I just want them to be safe and protected.” Nikki and I were blown away.

May we love each other with innocence and without expectation, like children do. She didn’t know them, but cared enough about their safety. We can all learn from that moment.

As we become more and more politically polarized our differences become more noticeable. Even the slightest action, by adult or children, becomes a matter of question. Those more liberally minded consider this cute and innocent in nature and will criticize our view in a harsh way. That is their privilege and their right. However, being taught to interfere in the lives of others is not a right any more than a hot shower and a bed even for the most “vulnerable”.

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