President Biden To Focus First White House Address On COVID-19 Pandemic

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On President Biden’s first full day in office, he is expected to deliver an address from the White House laying out his administration’s plan for battling COVID-19. The Associated Press also reports that Biden will sign 10 executive orders linked to the pandemic. Last week, Biden announced his COVID-19 vaccination initiative after introducing his $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan.”

At the forefront of Biden’s plan is $160 billion in funding for a national vaccine program, but he’ll need approval from Congress. The vaccination proposal has three goals: Create a national vaccination program; provide financial relief to Americans; and support communities by providing funding for small businesses, first responders and other essential workers.

Biden says he knows it’s a huge price tag but there’s no other option.

That’s the first lie….. and he has only been there a day.

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