Metro School Board Chair Vacationed in St. Lucia Shortly Before Closing Schools Due to COVID-19

Nashville school board chair Christiane Buggs' Caribbean trip at issue

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) Board Chair Christiane Buggs caught parents’ ire for continuing to keep schools closed in light of her activities in recent months. Shortly before the ongoing school closure began in November, Buggs hosted an election watch party and then vacationed internationally.

Buggs defended the board’s initial decision in the fall to adjust all schools to virtual learning. She described it as a necessity, explaining how her own father was concurrently battling COVID-19. Buggs explained that he was infected while working at one of their middle schools. She stated that preventing the spread was paramount to in-person learning, which she described as a “convenience.”

“How dare you. How dare us. And I intentionally placed periods at the end of those rhetorical questions because we as a society place convenience over the lives of the seemingly expendable,” wrote Buggs. “‘Super spreading’ is not my argument. 1 person almost dying is [my argument for closing schools] and I’ll argue that nothing is worth that all day…”

A little over two weeks before leading the board’s decision to close the schools last November, Buggs traveled internationally for a vacation. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Buggs shared that she’d gone to Saint Lucia – an Eastern Caribbean island.

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