No Longer Creeping Socialism

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh |  Canada Free Press

After the most embarrassing and horrific inauguration behind troops, fences, and concertina razor wires, the socialist rule of the new America begins with the killing of the Keystone Pipeline, the destruction of thousands of jobs, of cheap energy, the rejoining of the global warming alarmist Paris Climate Accord, the removal of the 1776 Project, the vow to restart Iran’s nuclear program, and 100 days of federal mask mandates.

The technocracy and the elites in power have morphed overnight from rich capitalists to rich socialists. America is following a path to Marxism, warned Pastor Cristian Ionescu from Chicago. The people with all the wealth and power can morph into anything they want if they convince the brainwashed masses who voted them in power.

Suppressed, Oppressed, and Repressed

Communist Party members in Romania became capitalists in 1989 (presumably communism “fell”) to stay in power under the radar of the dumbed down masses. They stole the state’s wealth and formed companies becoming millionaires and billionaires practically overnight. (See Video Below)

Pastor Ionescu explained that the Romanian people never accepted the Communist Party rule. The commies only had about a thousand members. They imposed their rule by force. Why would people accept this rule?

The monarchy presided over a rich and successful country until the Soviet Army marched in and imposed compliance by “deceit, oppression, repression, and force, using pseudo-intellectuals.”

Once suppressed, oppressed, and repressed, the population was so desperate for their survival in the new “common good” society that they believed any lies repeated at nauseam. They were eager to eat and to stay alive.

A mad rush began to write laws and decrees. Once the mandates became law, the society turned into totalitarian rule by the communist elite. The communists exploited the dire need for survival and the suggested mandates were nudged into draconian laws. We saw that with the Corona virus mask mandates in this country.

America Is Following a Path to Marxism, Warns Pastor Cristian Ionescu

Faith had to be destroyed

Faith had to be destroyed and the apparatchiks accomplished that by infiltrating churches with pastors who were not true believers. They outed true believers, sabotaged them, and eventually eliminated them if they did not cooperate. If they did cooperate, they received token privileges of survival.

Just as it has happened here, colleges and seminaries were infiltrated by communists who were secular teachers and professors who believed strongly in the Marxist ideology. Dissidents were singled out, isolated, and eliminated.

Pastor Ionescu believes that “communism is a cannibalistic society at its core.” When the lawyer Lucretiu Patrascanu became a nationalist, even though he cooperated fully with the communists and helped them take power, when he was no longer a “useful idiot,” he was shot by the Soviets.

“I see rich people, they donate money to [communist] causes, they are so in love with socialist ideas, it is almost demonic. They fight God for their own destruction. The first thing communists do, is take away their wealth. They are suicidal to support a philosophy that comes after what they have.”

Pastor Ionescu describes the pathetic people, formerly well-off, wearing once expensive clothes that had turned ragged, standing in line for a loaf of bread, thin and haggard in their collective poverty and misery. They were completely crushed morally and physically.

Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest defector from communism, described in his book, Disinformation, how he helped the dictator infiltrate churches and society at all levels, including the media, education, television, and publishing. They aimed to control society to such a degree that nobody had peace, they lived in constant fear. But they gave special privileges and advantages to the military, the police, and all their apparatchiks. A little extra food, better housing conditions, and the illusion of a better life went a long way to keep them faithful to the utopian cause.

Like today’s Social Democrats, socialist/communist handlers divided people by class, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, invented biology

The Soviets and their agents fanned across the country had to act against family, God, parental authority, churches, and had to destroy any form of authority that competed with the Party.

Like today’s Social Democrats, socialist/communist handlers divided people by class, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, invented biology, and real or manufactured wealth to keep the population divided and distrustful of each other. What a perfect formula for controlling society!

Many Americans stated that socialism will never come here, this is America, and we have a fighting spirit, we will preserve our Constitutional Republic. “Nobody is dumb enough to adopt such a failed societal model that has been rejected soundly around the globe.”  And here we are.

I used to believe in the American exceptionalism and spirit, but I now agree with the Washington Post’s statement that the much-touted American exceptionalism no longer exists. Judging by the very scary inauguration of a president in the former bastion of freedom called America, I am afraid they are right.

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Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Ileana Writes is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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