Why is YouTube Trying to Convince Viewers that Biden is President?

by Sharon Rondeau

Beneath a short video of Donald J. Trump traveling in his presidential motorcade down a main thoroughfare in West Palm Beach, FL late Wednesday morning following his farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, YouTube placed the label “U.S. Elections” with the notice, “Joe Biden is the President of the United States.”

Trump and his wife Melania plan to reenter private life at their Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, with Trump hinting that he intended to return to the political arena “in some form.”

Prior to the election, YouTube announced it would censor videos discussing “eligibility” for office. Beginning January 7, more than a dozen social-media sites and YouTube cut off Trump’s communication with the world, with Facebook restoring Trump’s channel two days before he left office.

Why YouTube would perceive the need to make such a statement now is an unanswered question given Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, which was sparsely attended due to the coronavirus lockdown and heavy National Guard presence.

On Tuesday, Atty. L. Lin Wood, a Trump supporter and evangelical Christian, claimed, as he has since early November, that the election was stolen from Trump by massive fraud.

In his interview with “Patriotically Correct” host Stew Peters, Wood predicted that Biden would not be inaugurated, while leaving open the possibility that it could take place Wednesday as scheduled. His advice to listeners was, “Pray. God is going to save this country…God is in control…so pray. Ask God to protect and save the country; ask Him to give President Trump the guidance he needs and the prayers he needs, and pray for our military.”

He said it is important to maintain “hope.” “Please have hope; never lose hope, because God is in control, and you don’t give up on God,” he said.

Rather than “action” which some might believe is necessary, Wood said that “inaction” is preferable right now. He advised “being prepared” and staying home “over the next several days.” “Whatever happens over the next several days, stay in your house; let the military and the authorities deal with it,” he said.

To the hypothetical that members of BLM or Antifa might accuse Trump “of trying to overthrow the government,” Wood responded, “That’s not happening; he’s trying to save our Republic; he will…Make sure you’re ready to hunker down maybe for ten or 14 days…”

“I don’t know exactly what will happen, but it’s better to be prepared than not be prepared,” he said, urging people to be “calm and steady. Be fearless. This is the time to not let someone control you with fear; that’s what they did with COVID-19.”

He then referred to last Friday’s report to Congress by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe stating that the CIA attempted to minimize the fact that China interfered in the election. Iran, too, has been identified as having meddled.

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