Bill Status Report 2021-01-22

New Bills filed week of January 18, 2021

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There were several new bills filed the week of January 18, 2021, that TFA has added to its list of bills to monitor. These bills include

  • SB227/HB103 which would require publicly funded schools to provide age and grade appropriate instruction on firearms safety.
  • SB262 which waives certain handgun permit fees for retired military and shifts that costs to others
  • SB277/HB153 regarding the disposition by government officials of confiscated firearms
  • SB286 which would authorize county court clerks to renew handgun permits under certain circumstances.
  • SB318/HB18 is the constitutional carry bill previously filed by Rep. Bruce Griffey. Last week the senate version of that bill was filed by Senator Joey Hensley
  • HB373 would prohibit wildlife resources officers from entering private property to install monitoring devices without a search warrant

    The detailed report of these activities is in the PDF report linked on the main TFA website.


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John Harris

Executive Director

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