The Liberal Media Is Starting To Wake Up To Who Is Truly Running The White house

by vince

A recent White House press conference has really raised some brows as 78 year old Joe Biden clearly suffers from mental decline.

I never thought I would see the day!

Liberal journalists everywhere have begun waking up to what we have all known for some time now: Joe Biden has dementia.

They did not want to admit this during the 2020 election when he was defeated by the teleprompter time and time again, or when he mistook his sister for his wife for 30 minutes straight.

A recent White House press conference that featured what appeared to be a Biden handler picking journalists FOR him was just too much for the liberal media, and now they have their own concerns.

We all know that this is a ploy to get Kamala into office, but I would caution them NOT to move ahead with this. The country is at a BOILING point, and all conservatives suspect their motives.

The Red State Observer reported on the story:

The chatter surrounding Biden’s mental fitness got so loud prior to his winning the nomination that at one point reports began to surface that he was allegedly open to serving only one term in office if elected president.

After he secured the nomination, however, and especially after he picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, the media and Democrats reversed course and began doing what they do best: run interference for the Democratic candidate for president against allegations from Trump and other Republicans about Biden’s mental acuity that they themselves had once publicly asked.

Fast forward to this week, and the elephant in the room has reared its ugly head once again, this time during Biden’s first formal presser as president. Numerous reporters took to the Twitter machine during the presser to point out something rather odd about the way the event was being conducted:



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