Texas BLACKOUT report

This report is one that everyone should listen to as the Health Ranger is really – clearly – explaining the need to BE PREPARED ahead of time.  Much of what he talks about (how to obtain and conserve water – how to deal with the temperatures (need a wood burning source) – the many thing that most Americans today have NO CLUE about.  I learned many of these things when I was in my teens – (the infamous winter of 1957/58 in Upper Michigan – with a new baby and diapers – had no running water  – had to get it in milk cans from the town pump –  we rented a summer cabin as that was all there was to rent in that small town.  When the wind blew off of Lake Superior and the snow fell – I learned by doing how to survive.  There was a large wood burning cook stove in the small kitchen area that I not only cooked on but I would fill the very large dishpan with snow – melt it – then diapers in it – then repeat for several rinses – next I laid the diapers out on the snow (we had up to 6 feet of it around the shack which insulated the place) to bleach and after awhile I would bring them in and hang them on lines I put up in the kitchen.

The walk to the out house was a fun trip when I couldn’t keep the path shoveled and then when the door to it froze – the neighbors got a *view*.  Oh yes – I learned how to survive in the COLD (it got to 54 BELOW zero once during that winter) and I didn’t have anyone to teach me those things – it was figuring out what and how on my own.  Lessons NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Anyway – I would encourage all to listen to this program – a half hour in length – and to prepare for the emergency that WILL come to your doorstep when you least expect it.

Jackie Juntti

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