Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling ‘Growth of White Supremacy’ Groups

H/T to Norm for the following:  I found the URL to include here and to mention there is a video on the web page.

Jackie —

The article below is from Breitbart. I’m copying it here because I know you don’t care for hyperlinks or attached PDF documents. Even though the National Guard continues to occupy DC without an articulable mission, Biden has opened the Pandora’s box process of turning former military and police personnel into “Other” than American patriots loyal to their oaths.

Worth noting that the quote from Biden was not entirely well put together . . .

This is not a process that leads to a good place.

Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling ‘Growth of White Supremacy’ Groups

President Joe Biden said during a CNN town hall on Tuesday that former military and former police officers were fueling the “growth of white supremacy.”

Biden said, “I got involved in politics, to begin with because of civil rights and opposition to white supremacist, the Ku Klux Klan and the most dangerous people on America continue to exist. That is the greatest threat of terror in America, domestic terror. So I would make sure my Justice Department and the Civil Rights Division is focused heavily on those very folks. I would make sure we focus on how to deal with the rise of white supremacy. You see what’s happening the studies that are beginning to be done, maybe at your university as well, about the impact of former military, former police officers on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups.”

He added, “You may remember in one of my debates from the former president, I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys he wouldn’t do. It he said stand standby and stand, ready whatever the phrase exactly was. It is a bane on our existence. It has always been as Lincoln said we have to you appear to a battle angels these guys are not and women they are in fact demented. They are dangerous people.”

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