absolute power corrupts absolutely…

People always say absolute power corrupts absolutely…

If you doubt that I suggest you take a good hard look at what this DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED government is doing.  We have two years to survive but the damage they will do is that two years is beyond my wildest imagination.

Those EO’s that were conveniently all prepared, bound, and stacked on BUY-DEM’s desk awaiting his signature – said signature applied without his reading any of them before signing.  Some rumors have been around that he did ask on one but the female voice (HAIR-A$$) told him to ‘just sign it’!!!

Look at what PEE LOUSY has been doing and how McConnell stands by without any really opposition to the DEMS agenda.  A closer to home look is how the Democrats in Washington state do nothing to slow down the INSLEEZE agenda.   I am shocked at how the absolute power wielded by N.Y.’s Cuomo has suddenly aroused other Democrats in NY to action but that only happened after his action that resulted in the deaths of thousand of citizen he sent to those nursing homes.

If you are unhappy with how ABSOLUTE POWER actually plays out –  I ask you this –  did you vote for a Democrat?

Jackie Juntti

WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

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