Undocumented Immigrants: President Biden’s Bill Would Be Life Changing

Millions of undocumented immigrants would qualify for a pathway to citizenship under President Biden’s sweeping immigration bill. The bill’s future is uncertain — with many Republicans blasting it as a self-serving effort to legalize those who broke the law and an incentive for more illegal immigration. Still, impacted immigrants want people to know how the bill could change their lives.

Under President Biden’s plan, those brought to the U.S. as children would immediately qualify for a green card — and could seek citizenship three years later. The fast-track option would also be available for farmworkers and those with temporary protected status. Other undocumented immigrants would be allowed to work in the country after passing background checks and filing taxes. Then, they would be placed on an eight-year citizenship track.

Besides creating citizenship avenues for  undocumented immigrants already in the country,  the bill would increase legal immigration, add resources to speed the processing of asylum seekers and invest in Central American nations. Because immigration reform has failed many times in the past, the White House says it is open to splitting up the bill into more targeted legislation — if that helps bring Republicans on board.

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