Legislative Update and Calendar February 26, 2021

TFA Legislative Update and Calendar

The Tennessee Legislature has started working this week on many 2nd Amendment related bills including several that address constitutional carry or permitless carry. The weekly bill activity report is posted below.

A few specific bills to watch:

  • SB227 and HB103, as filed, would require firearms safety instruction in public schools. This can be a good bill depending on any amendments and how that is implemented.
  • SB318 and HB18, as filed, is one of the real constitutional carry proposals. The House heard testimony on this bill this week but did not vote on it due to time limits. It is reset for March 3 in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee. Note that it has many co-sponsors in the House. Please call your legislators in support of this bill, ask your legislators to co-sponsor this bill and also call the the committee members (list below).
  • SB412 and HB1588, as filed, is a Democrat proposed “Red Flag” bill. While we think it will have a difficult time, you probably should call your legislators in opposition to any “Red Flag” legislation.
  • SB765 and HB786 is the refiled “Governor’s Bill”. It combines an exception to carry a weapon with intent to go armed with a substantial, multi-million dollar crime package. We expect both the Senate and House versions to be heard in committee the week of March 1. We do not feel that this bill is as strong as House Bill 18 at this time. Please call your legislators and ask them to request that the sponsors and committee members amend this bill to include language like HB18. Call the committee members in the Senate Judiciary and the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee to request this amendment as well.
  • SB876 and HB373, as filed, would have prohibited TWRA from entering privately owned property without a search warrant. This is good legislation. However, it died on a voice vote in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee this week. Please call the House sponsor (Rep. Glen Casada) and ask him to speak with committee members about whether the bill can be reconsidered and passed.
  • SB1040 and HB1160 as well as SB1041 and HB1161 both of these bills, as filed, are Democrat attempts to eliminate the causal sale exception to firearms transactions. If enacted, this would require most private transfers of firearms to be conducted through a licensed federal dealer.
  • SB1148 and HB25 is bill that would improve civil liability standards in favor of crime victims who are forced to use deadly force. This is a good bill and one supported by TFA.
  • SB1333 and HB899 would create a civil rights cause of action against a government entity that violates an individual’s Second Amendment rights. It is a good bill and is supported by TFA.
  • SB1335 and HB928 would label Tennessee as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State”. The bill requires substantial amendments to put enforcement mechanisms in place.
  • SB1391 and HB1388 is a bill that eliminates the prohibition of carrying a firearm with intent to go armed and, as a result, creates a constitutional carry status in Tennessee. It retains punishments against felons in possession of firearms unless those individuals have received pardons, expungements or restoration orders.

House Criminal Justice Subcommittee:

Chairman Clay Doggett – (615) 741-7476
Bill Beck – (615) 741-3229
Michael Curcio – (615) 741-3513
Andrew Farmer – (615) 741-4419
Bruce Griffey – (615) 741-6804
G.A. Hardaway – (615) 741-5625
Dan Howell – (615) 741-7799
William Lamberth – (615) 741-1980
Debra Moody – (615) 741-3774
Lowell Russell – (615) 741-3736
Jerry Sexton – (615) 741-2534

Senate Judiciary:

Chairman Mike Bell (615) 741-1946
1st Vice Chair Dawn White (615) 741-6853
2nd Vice Chair Paul Rose (615) 741-1967
Todd Gardenhire (615) 741-6682
Sara Kyle (615) 741-4167
Jon Lundberg (615) 741-5761
Kerry Roberts (615) 741-4499
Katrina Robinson (615) 741-2509
John Stevens (615) 741-4576

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