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Gee, March 4th came and went and there was no mass-attack attempt to breach the Capitol.  That’s because guerilla fighters don’t attack hardened targets, but I am enjoying the sense of abject terror being experienced by those who stole our election and took over our government by deceit.  They turned Washington DC into an armed camp, a “gated community” protected by razor wire, and now they’re afraid to come out.  That is as it should be.

They should be afraid — very afraid.  Right now their quality of life is terrible!  They can’t hold in-person town halls and they can’t go home or go about enjoying their former freedom without that niggling fear their hearts will explode from a well-placed sniper round.  Miscalculation is a real bitch, ain’t it?

These Domestic Enemies intended to steal the election undetected like they’ve done in the past, but Trump’s massive landslide forced them to overplay their hand, and that mistake exposed their election fraud.  As usual, they’re attempting to silence and discredit anyone who publicly insists the election was stolen with bold-faced lies and intimidation, but it’s not working — at least not to those of us who know damned-well what happened on November 3rd.  So now they’re in a real pickle of a dilemma, because the truth is out there and they made the critical mistake of overthrowing a government whose Founders and Framers made sure the American people are armed to the teeth.  Sure, they could pass laws attempting to ban ownership of firearms, but that would be a fruitless attempt at best.

All they can do right now is stay hunkered-down in their self-imposed prison and try to figure out how to get themselves out of this mess they’ve created without giving up the power they stole — and that’s not possible.  Somebody out there is going to get to at least one of them somehow and some way — and they know it.

It’s only a matter of time.


Carl F. Worden

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