TWO (2) permitless carry bills to be heard week of March 8 PLUS Legislative Updates and Calendar reports

The Legislature is rapidly addressing the bills that the Tennessee Firearms Association has flagged for tracking. There are three bills that clearly are at the top of the list because they all address permitless carry proposals.

Several bills were moving through the Legislature this week including two permitless carry bills – both of which passed the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and one of which was heard in the Senate Judiciary.

There is so much happening in the Legislature right now and scheduled for next week that it would require an extremely long email to address them.   So, we have addressed the highpoints in the TFA website’s weekly update report and need to refer you to the March 5, 2021 analysis and call to action.  That more detailed report contains a longer discussion about the three permitless carry bills that are actually pending, it has highlights on the 8 pages of bills that are set to be heard in the Legislature next week.

The full report also has has names and phone numbers for committee members who need to be called immediately in addition to Governor Bill Lee and Lt. Governor Randy McNally.  Both of these elected officials can do a lot to help enacted real constitutional carry, likewise either one or both can effectively block or veto real constitutional carry.

John Harris

Executive Director

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