Environment and Energy Justice Police Will Track Your Carbon Footprints

You should fully expect your future carbon footprints to be traced to a crime scene subject to “climate and energy justice” violations in the high tribunal of sustainability.

The prospective charges?

Such sins will include ownership and operation of an internal combustion vehicle, tampering with regulated upper or lower thermostat setting limits, and/or excessive electricity consumption based on your maximum household square foot per occupancy allowances.

No, there won’t be any escape.

‘Fast Track Train Wreck’

Why believe me?

Quite simply because the political party that recently gained control of the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government has already initiated a fast track train wreck agenda to shut down and replace 80 percent of our abundant and reliable hydrocarbon energy by forcibly increasing the 5 percent currently provided by anemic, intermittent wind and solar electricity.

On top of this, the plan will vastly increase electricity demand and costs by phasing out most petroleum-fueled vehicles in favor of heavy taxpayer- and consumer-subsidized plug-in models.

When the inevitable power shortages occur, rationing is almost certain to follow.

And you can bet your last incandescent lightbulb that they’re very serious about doing this.

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