Opposing Vaccination Passports

Here’s the clear, concise and the correct American stance for individual freedom from the Libertarian Party of Tennessee.  Now the Republican Party needs to take this stance or people need to leave the Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee stands firmly against vaccination passports and rejects its implementation by the government at every level. Any such program is antithetical to individual liberty and an erosion of inherent rights. People in free societies have absolute sovereignty over their bodies, property, and their privacy. Government should be limited and protect rights, not infringe upon them.

As proposed, vaccine passports violate the sovereignty of the individual. These schemes empower the regulatory state to rescind necessary licenses from businesses that will not or cannot comply, leaving consumers less choices and therefore less freedom. They utilize location tracking technologies that violate privacy and invite possible HIPAA violations. Vaccine passports erode individual liberty as they vest federal, state, and local governments with powers that are not enumerated under their respective constitutions.

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee hereby affirms that it stands on principle against a vaccine passport system and states unequivocally its belief that we are all much better off in an environment free from coercion and that we are encouraged by the philosophy of individual liberty as we develop our own solutions, voluntarily, while living in community under a banner of freedom.

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