Millions of Americans are refusing to be vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus because of lies — a seemingly never-ending stream of falsehoods spewed by the media since 2016.  To these wise Americans, if the media claims one thing, the opposite is probably true, so no matter how many times the media or this depraved government and its representatives insist the various Covid-19 vaccines are safe, we’re not buying it and probably never will.

In response to this resistance, the fools running our stolen Republic are so simple-minded they think they can force the resisters to get vaccinated by threatening to take away their freedoms of right to travel, attending sporting events, enjoying a night on the town or simply go grocery shopping.  We see reports of bad reactions to the vaccines, some allegedly resulting in death, but we can’t even verify whether those figures are true because none of us are in a position to independently verify the information we are getting.  As a result, we choose not to be vaccinated at all!

I stopped watching the national news media altogether, whether they be considered conservative sources or not.  If they are conservative, all I hear is bad news I can’t do anything about, and listening to anything the liberal media has to tell me is pointless because I have to assume they are lying about every subject.  I tune in to local news just to know what’s happening close to home, but ignore their national news segments because most news sources are owned by corporations that are anything but loyal to the United States or its citizens now.  I would normally listen to conservative talk radio, but again, all they have to tell me is what is wrong and getting worse, so why pollute my mental attitude with negative input that only makes me angry, but offers no solutions or promise that things could get better?  Even conservative media outlets are misleading their listeners by the false promise that a future election will turn things around.  Those of us who are well-informed know that our future elections will be rigged to favor the evil ones from now on, so why people like Steve Bannon think some future election holds promise are either delusional or intentionally blowing sunshine up our rumps.

I’m certain many other Americans feels exactly as I do now, and all of this is the consequence of media and government lies.


Carl F. Worden

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